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Trisha Paytas Not Quitting Legacy blndsundoll4mj YouTube Channel: “Ppl Took My Tweet Too Seriously”

Trisha Paytas Not Quitting Legacy blndsundoll4mj YouTube Channel: “Ppl Took My Tweet Too Seriously”

Updated: March 22nd, 2022

After claiming they were quitting their main channel, Trisha Paytas has clarified they will not be bidding farewell to nearly 5 million subscribers.

The controversial creator announced Friday that they were “quitting” their main YouTube channel and moving over to their fast-growing ASMR channel.

“Quitting my main YouTube channel and only posting on my ASMR channel from now on,” Trisha tweeted. “It’s nothing but love, tingles, sunshine and rainbows over there.”

Trisha went on to confirm that they will be doing ASMR full time and that their husband Moses Hacmon is supportive.

Days later, Trisha took to Twitter to clarify that they do not intend to abandon the channel that propelled them to YouTube fame.

“I think other ppl took my tweet about quitting too seriously. Could never. Would never. Just was a thought in a moment,” Trisha tweeted in response to a fan asking them to come back to their main channel.

Trisha first launched their main channel in 2007 under the alias “blndsundoll4mj” and spent the first few years posting a mix of lifestyle, storytime, and trolling videos. As their channel grew, Trisha experimented with collaborations, challenges, vlogging, mukbangs, and deeply personal diary-style contentβ€” the latter helping to solidify Trisha as one of YouTube’s most polarising yet notorious creators.

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However, Trisha’s thirst for fame and success has ultimately been their biggest downfall. They’ve been highly criticised over the years for their shocking and offensive behaviour (which includes making fun of multiple religions, mental illnesses, and fellow creators), and many believe this behaviour has been solely to generate clicks.

Their legacy channel has maintained around 4.9 million subscribers, however, Trisha’s declining views over the past two years are indicative of how exhausted fans are with the creator’s problematic behaviour.

After a string of recent “cancellations”, Trisha rebranded their mental health channel to a dedicated ASMR channel at the start of 2022, surpassing 100K subscribers shortly after. Trisha posted their first ASMR video back in 2015 following requests from fans who found their voice soothing.

Guess blndsundoll4mj will live on!

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