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ACE Family Announces Plan To Leave YouTube & Upcoming ‘Ace Fest’

ACE Family Announces Plan To Leave YouTube & Upcoming ‘Ace Fest’

Popular family vloggers, The ACE Family announced that 2022 would be the last year that they post on YouTube consistently.

In a video titled “THE END OF THE ACE FAMILY ON YOUTUBE”, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz shared with their viewers that after six years of posting actively, they have decided to step back at the end of this year.

Austin shared that the main reason for this “very difficult” decision was that he and Catherine wanted to spend much of next year travelling with their family and working on other projects.

“Throughout the six years on YouTube we haven’t really had the time to reflect and enjoy and […] spend time with our family,” they said.

The couple emphasised that they wanted to share this decision early in the year to lessen the blow on their fans, and to dispel potential rumours that would have arisen if they had just dropped the news suddenly.

They also shared that 2022 is set to be their “biggest year yet”, with the couple planning to get married this year.

In the same video, Austin and Catherine excitedly announced ACE Fest — a family-friendly meet-and-greet style festival advertised as “Disneyland meets Coachella”, that will be taking place in the Los Angeles area in August this year.

The ticketed event is set to offer games, amusement rides, food, and a chance to meet The ACE Family, drawing in a crowd of up to 20,000. The planning and execution of this event no doubt play a major role in making 2022 a busy year for the family.

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The vloggers reassured their loyal fans that while they would be stepping back from posting regularly, they still love vlogging and will not be gone for good.

“We’re not saying that we’re gone forever, we’re just saying we’re not gonna be as consistent anymore,” Catherine said.

“We won’t be gone 100%, we’ll still post here or there,” Austin added, suggesting that they might still post every month or so.

With the newly announced ACE Fest and the couple’s long-awaited wedding to look forward to, fans can continue to support the family vloggers as they go out with a bang this year.

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