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Trisha Paytas Explains Relationship With Jon Hill

Trisha Paytas Explains Relationship With Jon Hill

After over a week of radio silence across social media, Trisha Paytas is back and ready to explain the infamous Jon Hill situation.

In a video uploaded to her channel titled “YIKES,” the YouTube star explains her involvement with Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband, how they met and their relationship.

In true Trisha fashion, the video’s a bit rambly and hard to follow.

Here’s the story behind the photos that broke the internet in 2019.

1/ Jon DM’d her first and they’d been talking for a while

While the photos of Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill together came as a complete shock to the internet, Trisha insists it’s not that weird because they’d been talking for a few weeks. She says Jon slid into her DMs right before the holidays, which was perfect timing since the holidays are always a hard time of year for Trish. They talked for “hours and hours and hours” every day and that’s how their connection started.

2/ She asked him to fly to LA to visit her and he did

Right before the holidays, Trisha says she was out drinking in NYC when she decided to message Jon and ask him to meet her back in LA the next day because she didn’t want to spend the holidays alone. And to her surprise, he did! She picked him up from the airport and he only just left yesterday which is why she’s been absent on social media.

3/ His dog liked her

If you follow Trisha then you know she hasn’t always loved dogs and apparently, the feeling’s been mutual. She says that while most dogs don’t usually like her (including her own little pomeranian that now lives with her mum), Jon’s dog liked her a lot and kept checking on her while she was sick for a few days during his visit. Cute.

4/ Jon was hesitant to post the photos that went viral

The night the infamous photos were taken, Trisha and Jon had been out clubbing in LA with some friends. Trisha says a friend snapped the pics on the street and they were not staged. Given she was a bit tipsy, Trisha says she didn’t think twice about posting the photos. However, she confirmed that Jon was hesitant to post them and admitted that “the captions were a lot.”

5/ She didn’t expect the situation to blow up and felt “sick to her stomach” over it

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After the photos were posted, Trisha says they both continued on with their night and didn’t really look at their phones. She claims they woke up the next morning and were shocked to see how much drama everyone made of the situation and that it made her feel sick to her stomach. “There was no drama, no scandal. He’s single, I was single. It was so weird,” she said of the photos going viral.

6/ They spent NYE together

Despite the drama that went down, she still wasn’t ready for Jon to leave. She asked him to stay for New Year’s Eve and although they had plans to attend a few parties, she claims she came down with a flu-like cold and they spent the night on the couch.

While fans are happy to see Trisha back, many are concerned by her absence and her story. Both Trisha and Jon have a history of addiction and substance abuse, and commenters are saying Trisha’s behaviour in the video is unusual.

We hope both Trisha and Jon are safe and healthy.

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