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TikTok Creator ‘Gay Man With a Spray Tan’ Faces Backlash For “Cutting Ties” With Jordyn Woods

TikTok Creator ‘Gay Man With a Spray Tan’ Faces Backlash For “Cutting Ties” With Jordyn Woods

Colt Paulsen— better known as Gay Man With A Spray Tan on TikTok— has been called out for “cutting ties” with influencer Jordyn Woods.

Jordyn, who is Kylie Jenner’s former best friend, made headlines in 2019 after she was seen kissing NBA player Tristan Thompson while he was dating Khloe Kardashian. At the time, Khloe was pregnant with their firstborn child, True Thompson.

The Kar-Jenner family has since cut ties with Jordyn, and their biggest superfan has seemed to follow suit. Colt, the self-proclaimed biggest fan of the Kardashians, built a TikTok following of over 964K for creating content entirely about the famous family. He is also the co-host of E! News’ Kards Katch Up, alongside the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast host, Amanda Hirsch.

Now, Colt is facing backlash after the creator uploaded a video where he claimed to “cut ties” with Jordyn. “As the Kardashian superfan of all super fans, I’ve cut ties with this person [Jordyn],” he said. He went on to say that he does not follow her and she is blocked because “it’s triggering”.

In the video, Colt shares a photo of Jordyn and her sister in matching mink faux fur hats. He then shows a picture of North West in a similar hat, insinuating that Jordyn copied Kim Kardashian’s daughter. 

It seems he removed this video on December 14th.

TikTokers have responded to the video, calling Colt out for attacking Jordyn on his platform without knowing her personally. Others joked that you can’t cut ties with someone that you don’t know.


#stitch with @Gay Man with a Spray Tan The irony of you calling yourself gay man with a spray tan is not lost on me… everybody wanna be black but don’t nobody wanna be black😒 #kuwtk #jordynwoods #fypシ゚viral #zyxcba

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Several women of colour have also joined the discourse, expressing their disappointment that Colt is so comfortable calling out Black women while continuing to support a family who has been accused of appropriating Black culture many times before. 

“It’s how comfortable you are getting on this app and attacking Black women for me. Which is defending women who have literally stolen everything from Black women to get where they are,” said @theunstableunicorns.

She also pointed out that fur hats are very trendy at the moment and that “it is customary to wear them in the cold,” when addressing the insinuation that Jordyn took style inspiration from North.

In a similar vein, creator Kaitlyn Ross noted that “there needs to be a conversation about the parasocial relationship he [Colt] has with them [the Kardashians] and blindly following them and not holding them accountable for their actions.”

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Colt somewhat responded to the backlash on TikTok, dueting a video that read, “me watching ya’ll drag gaymanwithaspraytan for speaking on and “cutting ties” with Jordyn Woods.”

In his duet, he danced to the audio in the original video. Many felt this implied he didn’t quite understand what he had done wrong.

Neither Jordyn nor any member of the Kar-Jenner clan have responded to the situation. 

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