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Tayler Holder Denies Sexual Assault Allegations: “There’s A Difference Between Facts And Rumours”

Tayler Holder Denies Sexual Assault Allegations: “There’s A Difference Between Facts And Rumours”

Tayler Holder claims he is the victim of false sexual assault accusations.

The social media personality took to YouTube on Friday to address the rumours that he sexually assaulted “multiple alleged victims.”

Tayler claims that over the past eight months, “groups of people” have held meetings to come up with some “massive fucking plan to ruin [his] life”. These “people” he’s referring likely include L.A. TikTokkers Bryce Hall and Mads Lewis— both of whom have spoken out publicly against Tayler.

“It’s been rumours, it’s been lies, it’s been all this bullshit and it’s always ‘oh I heard this or this is what so-and-so told me’,” he says. He goes on to insist that “no one has [come] forward” yet with any specific allegations against him.

“Let me be as clear as possible as I can with this: I have never sexually assaulted anybody. I have never raped anybody. I have never had sex or been with an underage girl. And I have never had a non-consensual sexual relationship with anybody,” he says.

“There’s a difference between facts and rumours,” he continues. “Not one person has ever [come] forward to talk to me about this. Not one single person has [come] forward with any type of proof or anything like that.”

Despite Tayler’s claims, fans in the comment section have noted how difficult it can be to “prove” sexual assault.

He then explains that he sent cease-and-desist letters to several influencers so they would stop spreading lies about him within their group, however, he maintains that this would not stop victims from coming forward.

Tayler then says that fellow TikTok star and former friend Josh Richards spread rumours that Tayler had been arrested on the BFFs Podcast. “Not only have I never been arrested, I have never been contacted, or confronted by any law enforcement about these rumours.”

Earlier this week, Mads Lewis seemingly insinuated that she was a victim of Tayler’s when she addressed the rumours during an appearance on the BFFs Podcast.

While discussing her rocky friendship with influencer Charly Jordan— Tayler’s on-again-off-again girlfriend— Mads said she doesn’t understand how Charly could potentially get back together with Tayler after “everything that’s happened in the last few years”.

“If I’m saying something on social media, […] I’m telling the truth,” Mads said about the rumours.

“So you’re saying all the Tayler stuff is true?” asked co-host Dave Portnoy.

“Absolutely,” Mads replied.

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She went on to say that she “didn’t get a cease-and-desist” because “you cannot email or text the victim a cease-and-desist. You’re not allowed to do that.”

Tayler moves on to Mads’ claims, saying, “Not only is she not a victim, in fact, Mads even stated that I did not send her a cease-and-desist.” He then shows a document on screen which he claims is a cease-and-desist that he sent Mads, dated January 31st, 2022— allegedly proving that Mads lied on the podcast.

This is not the first time that Tayler has spoken out about these rumours.

In late April, Tayler penned an open letter published for E! News to address the allegations. “Other unfortunate situations that came into play that led to a series of fabricated rumors,” he wrote.

At the time, some influencers took to the comment section of the E! News Instagram post to share their skepticism.

Aisha Mian wrote, “Lol. A joke.” Markell Washington, the best friend of TikTok royalty Noah Beck, responded to Aisha’s comment, writing, “Literally I didn’t know it was comedy hour but let me hush because I can’t afford a lawyer”.

In response to the comment implying that no allegations had surfaced because Tayler sent everyone cease-and-desist letters, Aisha wrote, “Yup”.

Tayler ends his YouTube video by inviting his former friends to contact him directly and hear his side of the story, claiming he has proof that he did not do these things he is accused of.

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