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NoSpace: Everything We Know About The Gen Z MySpace App

NoSpace: Everything We Know About The Gen Z MySpace App

It’s no secret that Gen Z long for periods in time they didn’t actually experience themselves. From the revival of early 2000s fashion to their growing interest in IRL activities like shopping at a mall or attending a drive-in movie, this generation’s nostalgia is characterised by longing for a simpler time when the future felt more promising.

Social media is a big reason why Gen Z gravitates towards experiences or products that feel nostalgic. As the first generation to grow up with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok, Gen Z romanticise life before social media became so all-consuming and toxic.

NoSpace, a new app by Gen Z founder Tiffany Zhong, is the latest manifestation of this.

What is NoSpace?

NoSpace is a social networking platform positioned as “Myspace 2.0.” It seems the app was initially called Who You Really Are and rebranded to Nospace in the past few weeks.

According to the app’s promotional material, NoSpace aims to “make social media fun again” by helping people “find who [they’re] most compatible with from all around the world” so they can build “hyper-personalised connections.”

User profiles take heavy inspiration from Myspace’s design of the late-2000s—including a “top 8 friends” and a section where users can update their status to include what they’re watching, reading, and listening to, as well as where they are currently located “IRL”.

The team behind NoSpace has not been shy about using Gen Z’s love for nostalgia to market the app.

Several videos posted to the brand’s TikTok account ask users if they “miss” the early Myspace or Tumblr eras “when life seemed so much easier.”

Other videos reference being “too young” for Myspace when it was popular and promise to give Gen Z the same positive social media experience on NoSpace.

this app keeps me stay connected to the homies 💅🏼🩷 #whoareyoureallyapp

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While NoSpace hasn’t launched yet, users can join a waitlist via the app’s website and will receive a text when they’re let in. This waitlist, which apparently has over 93,000 sign-ups as of August 13th, has been live since at least June 2023.

This has led some users on TikTok to question if the app is ever going to launch. Others are calling the app a “scam” given the long wait time.

In a comment posted this weekend, however, the app’s official TikTok account confirmed that NoSpace will be released this month.

Despite some questions about the validity of the app, many are highly anticipating its launch. And if all goes according to plan, it seems they won’t have much longer to wait.

Zhong did not respond to our request for comment.

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