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Ondreaz Lopez Exposed For Alleged Sexual Relations With A 14-Year-Old

Ondreaz Lopez Exposed For Alleged Sexual Relations With A 14-Year-Old

Updated January 30, 2020

Ondreaz Lopez is the latest social media star to be exposed for reported sexual relations with a minor.

In a TikTok video posted January 27th by user @sainttbaby, the 23-year-old influencer can be allegedly heard on a phone call with an adult woman— presumably the victim’s mother— as he seemingly admits to inappropriate behaviour with a 14-year-old. Though the man’s identity is not revealed in the audio clip, the user captioned the TikTok, “#ondreazlopez is just as guilty as his brother #tonylopez” and wrote, “People on my main account asking what happened with Ondreaz but here it is” across the clip.

“She’s fourteen,” the woman says on the phone. “And you are how old?”

The man responds, “Twenty-three.”

The woman goes on to allegedly confront Ondreaz, saying, “You know what can happen to you? You could end up in jail.”

“I do realise that,” the man admits.

It is important to note that it is still not confirmed if the man on the other end of the recorded phone call is, in fact, Ondreaz Lopez.

The user then posted a screenshot of a DM message they sent to Ondreaz’s girlfriend Hannah Stocking. In the DM, the victim attached what appears to be a letter from their attorney to his, that claims Ondreaz “engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor” and they are looking to come to an “amicable agreement prior to litigation”.

In their messages to Hannah, the victim also claims Ondreaz and his friends “gave them alcohol when they knew we were under 21 at his house on his birthday.”

There is no confirmation on whether this letter nor these claims are legitimate or not, however Hannah has since removed all photos with Ondreaz from her Instagram profile.


i feel so bad for her but the truth needs to be out and we need to save as many girls as we can ?

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This is not the first time an alleged victim has publicly spoken out against Ondreaz. On June 22, 2020, Twitter user @iirascibility posted a lengthy note detailing their experience with the eldest Lopez brother from back in 2018, when Ondreaz was 21-years-old and they were just 17-years-old. The user, who was apparently on a dance team with Ondreaz, claims the viral star forced himself on them and they were “hella scared.”

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At the time, Ondreaz denied allegations that he forced himself on them in a Twitter note of his own.

These allegations against Ondreaz come off the back of similar accusations against his younger brother, Tony Lopez, who is currently being sued by two underage girls for sexual battery and emotional distress. The girls, who filed under the aliases H.L. Doe and C.H. Doe, allege that the 21-year-old Hype House member knew they were underage and attempted to coerce them into meeting up for sexual interactions, groomed them via text message and DM, and solicited nude photos from the teens.

H.L. Doe also claims Tony had sex with her back in January 2020 when she was just 15-years-old.

Fellow Hype House members, Thomas Petrou and Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson are being sued as part of the lawsuit as well for negligence.

Ondreaz has not responded to these allegations at the time of publication.

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