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Nikita Dragun Drags Trisha Paytas For “Downplaying” The Accomplishments Of Trans Women

Nikita Dragun Drags Trisha Paytas For “Downplaying” The Accomplishments Of Trans Women

Nikita Dragun has called out Trisha Paytas on Trans Day of Visibility.

On March 31st, Nikita took to Twitter to defend herself against comments made by Trisha days prior when the 32-year-old shaded Nikita for celebrating the success of her show Nikita Unfiltered.

In a quote tweet with drama channel Def Noodles, Trisha mocked Nikita’s show for airing on Snapchat.

When fans questioned Trisha’s shade, she clarified that she has “no beef” with the creator but “she never wears a mask EVER thinking she’s above it for some reason.”

Trisha also called out Nikita for remaining friends with the Lopez brothers and James Charles, all of whom have been implicated in serious allegations involving inappropriate behaviour with minors in recent months.

Days later, Nikita has responded to the controversial figure.

“30 million viewers and a billboard on Sunset…but anyways let me go back to filming my Netflix show,” Nikita tweeted at Trisha before calling her out for hurting the trans community.

“Trisha haven’t u done enough to the trans community? There’s no need to downplay mine or any Trans woman’s accomplishments,” she wrote. “Happy #TransDayOfVisibility @trishapaytas.”

ICYMI, Trisha came under fire in 2019 after coming out as transgender on her YouTube channel. Many felt her video was harmful to the trans community, as she claimed she identifies as a gay man, is only attracted to gay men, and has penis envy.

Trisha has since apologised for her ignorance and now identifies as non-binary.

In response to Nikita’s tweets, the OnlyFans star clapped back saying her shade “has nothing to do” with Nikita being trans and it’s “sick AF to even bring that into it.”

She also called Nikita out for “mocking a non-binary person who was confused about their identity for 20+ years.”

She continued, calling Nikita a “trash human during this whole pandemic” to which Nikita replied, “Weren’t u just on Rodeo filming TikToks with people without a mask on?”

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Trisha proceeded to post a series of old TikTok videos in which she has addressed trans issues and supported the trans community, including one in which she raised awareness for Trans Day of Remembrance back in November 2020.

Several fans have tweeted their support for Trisha, condemning Nikita’s problematic behaviour throughout the pandemic as well as her history of blackfishing.

“Umm I love you Nikita but let’s not act like you don’t change your skin tone every other week. You’re just as problematic…,” said drama channel Dustin Dailey. Nikita responded in a quote tweet writing, “Downplaying or mocking the success of a trans woman is incredibly toxic for the community. Countless women, men, and nonconforming ppl have paved the way for someone like me.”

Though she avoided the mention of her ever-changing skin tone, Nikita notes that “a small win like a show on Snapchat, that’s watched by millions, is huge” for the trans community.

While their Twitter feud has seemingly ended, you can read Trisha’s numerous replies and accusations against Nikita here.

For information on violence against the transgender community, see here. For information on coming out, visit The Trevor Project here. For more on Trans Day of Visibility, visit here.

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