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Nick Bean Explains The Sway House’s Violent Attack On Man In New Viral Video

Nick Bean Explains The Sway House’s Violent Attack On Man In New Viral Video

The Sway boys are making headlines once again for some deeply problematic behaviour.

Over the last 24 hours, a video began circulating the internet of TikTok’s Sway House physically attacking a man outside Mel’s Diner in Hollywood. According to video footage obtained by TMZ, the members involved include Bryce Hall, Nick Bean, Jordan Rodriguez, Josh Richards, and Jaden Hossler.

The attack, which happened on September 23rd, was reportedly a retaliation to Nick getting punched after he threw a pylon under the man’s car. Throughout the video, Nick can be heard yelling multiple homophobic slurs as Sway attacks the unknown victim before the police arrived. Apparently, no charges were pressed.

After a barrage of backlash from fans, Nick took to social media today to speak on the altercation.

The 25-year-old first posted a TikTok with the caption, “When they cover only part of the story and make you out to be a terrible person.” He then went on to address the attack during an Instagram live, saying he was “belligerently drunk” walking past a construction site and began throwing pylon cones around parked cars. Nick alleges he didn’t realise there was a couple sitting in one of the parked cars. He claims the woman got upset and encouraged her boyfriend to confront Nick and the Sway boys.

Nick then says the man punched him three times while calling him a homophobic slur, which is why Nick started using the same slur back. He says Josh and Jaden both tried to step in but got punched as well and claims the clip circulating did not capture the entire altercation, making Sway look bad.

“If anybody knows me, they know that I’m the furthest thing from homophobic ever,” Nick finishes. “It’s hard to think rationally, guys, after you just got knocked out by a fucking gorilla bear.” Nick admits he “probably deserved it” and was aware the footage would eventually emerge but was not expecting the harsh backlash.

Sway has remained unbothered despite the negative media attention. Just this morning Bryce Hall took to Instagram live to announced a competition for one fan to win a free trip— inclusive of flights— to the Sway House. Requirements include rating, reviewing, and subscribing to his podcast, Capital University, and tweeting or DMing him proof.

Bryce says this is in an effort to hit #1 on the charts by tomorrow. We presume this may also in an effort to drown out all the criticism the Sway boys have been getting on Twitter.

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