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Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler Confirm Split Amid Cheating Rumours

Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler Confirm Split Amid Cheating Rumours

Nessa and Jaden Unfollow Each Other

Updated: May 3rd, 2022

It seems all is not well in the land of TikTok relationships!

Power couple Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram after a picture of a fan claiming Jaden signed his name on her chest was sent in to drama account @tiktokinsiders.

The fan in question is Kassidi Foy, a micro-influencer who attended Jaden’s ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’ tour in Dallas on April 21st.

In the photo, Kassidi appears to show a close-up of Jaden’s signature on her chest, writing “hope ness doesn’t see this”.

Kassidi also shared a picture from Jaden’s concert in an April recap post, which Jaden commented on.

Nessa’s fans have flocked to Kassidi’s Instagram account with messages of disapproval, commenting things like “Jaden downgraded BAD”, “You wish you were Nessa” and “Anyways stan Nessa”.

Notably, only a few fans have left similar comments on Jaden’s most recent Instagram post.

Soon after the rumours took off, Kassidi took to her Instagram stories to clarify that it is not her chest in the photo.

Nessa and Jaden have been dating since March 2021, after leaving their significant others for each other. ICYMI, Nessa was dating TikToker Josh Richards, and Jaden was dating fellow TikToker Mads Lewis at the time.

From an otherwise rocky beginning, Nessa and Jaden have become one of TikTok’s most loved couples, with most of the internet supporting their relationship as they continued to date.

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Jaden later took to Instagram stories to say he did not unfollow “anyone”.

“I didn’t unfollow anyone. I definitely don’t handle things online,” he wrote. “Life isn’t what it seems. Sad to see things roll out like they are but I don’t want this.”

The two later confirmed their break up in a joint statement posted on their Instagram stories on May 3rd.

Nessa and Jaden revealed that they broke up last month to “focus on [their] own careers and mental health”.

The two asked their fans not to “sent hate or make assumptions” to allow them to “heal privately”.

Jaden is currently following Nessa, however, Nessa is not following Jaden at the time of publication.

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