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Mukbanger Veronica Wang Shares Democrat Conspiracy Theories Following Biden Win

Mukbanger Veronica Wang Shares Democrat Conspiracy Theories Following Biden Win

This is…shocking.

Mukbang YouTuber Veronica Wang is facing backlash following a series of erratic Instagram posts supporting dangerous conspiracy theories about the U.S. Democratic party.

On November 9th, the creator took to her Instagram stories claiming President-elect Joe Biden and the Democratic party are involved in pedophilia amongst other disturbing allegations related to abortion.

She mentioned that she doesn’t support Trump, but also that she doesn’t “believe his orange ass is sacrificing mother fucking children!!!”

She shared slides accusing Planned Parenthood of “selling [aborted] babies body parts” along with her opinion on terminating late-term pregnancy, which she makes adamantly clear that she is against.

It can be assumed Veronica has never known a woman to need an abortion for medical reasons or safety and socio-economic concerns.

The Toronto-based influencer then posted conspiracy theories alleging Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with family members, calling them “pedos.”

Her sources were propaganda videos and memes.

Veronica has recently accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being involved with pedophiles as well, sharing yet another conspiracy theory post to her Twitter account.

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With over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 200K followers on Instagram, Veronica shot to viral fame for her mukbang content. ICYMI, mukbang is also known as an eating show where creators consume large quantities of food in one sitting on camera. The concept first became popular in South Korea around 2010 and has since swept YouTube as one of its major content categories.

With such a massive audience, Veronica’s factually unproven posts are just another example of an influencer using their platform in a very dangerous way to spread misinformation. Her behaviour highlights a growing concern with stan-culture and the expectation put on public figures to use their platforms to speak out on politics and socio-economic issues.

Though many are calling out the YouTuber for her uninformed, problematic opinions in the comment section and across Twitter, Veronica’s YouTube sub-count has not been affected at the time of publication. She has lost over 2K Instagram followers, however the rate of decline has drastically tapered off.

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