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MrBeast Faces Backlash For New YouTube Video Where He Doesn’t Eat For 30 Days

MrBeast Faces Backlash For New YouTube Video Where He Doesn’t Eat For 30 Days

From his remake of Squid Games to recreating Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, MrBeast continues to push the limit when it comes to YouTube content. However, after posting his latest YouTube video, “I Didn’t Eat Food For 30 Days,” MrBeast has found himself in the centre of controversy. 

As the title suggests, MrBeast attempted to fast for 30 days and was only allowed to drink water. The creator didn’t eat for 14 days before breaking his fast. 

In a pinned comment under the video, MrBeast explains his rationale for undertaking this challenge, noting that it was primarily for health reasons.

“I have Crohn’s disease (basically my gut has tons of inflammation), and I wanted to give it a break from food to see if that would help reduce inflammation because Crohn’s sucks,” he wrote. “I learned a lot about how I can use fasting to reduce my inflammation, and I’m glad I did this challenge.”  

While MrBeast is known for his extreme challenge-style videos, the response to his newest YouTube video has been mixed. 

Fans have flooded the video’s comment section, praising the creator for his commitment to his channel. While filming the video, MrBeast continued to work on multiple projects and create his regular content, which proved difficult under the challenge’s constraints. 

One fan commented, “He’s doing so many projects at one time. Even without eating anything. Hats off, man!❤️.”

Another wrote, “Even surviving without food for a week is difficult, the fact that you survived for double that is crazy. Shows how much dedication you put in for your videos.”

Meanwhile, other viewers have taken issue with the messaging behind the video. Many internet users have criticised the creator for posting a video promoting fasting and starvation, which is hugely triggering for viewers struggling with disordered eating. 

Although MrBeast repeatedly urged his followers not to try the challenge without medical supervision, he failed to provide a trigger warning at the start of the video or in the description box. 

With MrBeast claiming that he undertook this challenge to help with Crohn’s disease, viewers have gone on to question why the creator chose to weigh himself throughout the video. Many internet users claim that the video promotes extreme, unhealthy and harmful weight loss methods by broadcasting starvation as a means of disease management. 

Twitter user, @barfgutz, wrote, “mr beast full on starved himself for 14 days, tracked his extreme weight loss & posted it to his youtube that has minors as the huge majority of viewers. what a stupid man.”

Another viewer claimed that the video is “promoting body-checking and eating disorder culture to 100 million people”

MrBeast has not addressed the backlash at the time of publication. 

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