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MrBeast Shows Off $3.5 Million Squid Game Set Amid Remake Backlash

MrBeast Shows Off $3.5 Million Squid Game Set Amid Remake Backlash

Updated: November 16th, 2021

In early October, YouTube sensation MrBeast posted a TikTok pledging that if his video got 10 million likes, he would recreate the hit survival Netflix series, Squid Game. The target was reached within days, and from the back-and-forth buzz on Twitter, it seems that preparations for the games have officially begun.

What is Squid Game?

ICYMI (although we’re not sure how you could have), Squid Game is a Hunger Games-esque Korean thriller series that was launched on Netflix on September 17th. Over the past month, the series has broken all kinds of records, namely surpassing fan favourites like Bridgerton to become Netflix’s biggest series launch to date.

While a wide selection of Korean dramas have been available on Netflix for years, Squid Game rose to an unmatched level of success, drawing in new audiences with its dystopian plot, can’t-look-away gore, and cult popularity.

Like any viral moment, the sprawling reach of Squid Game has inspired a number of TikTok trends, Internet memes, and Halloween costumes, so it’s unsurprising that content creators are also looking to ride the wave. And now that MrBeast has confirmed his Squid Games are happening, what can we expect?

A high-budget production

Known for his extreme, adventurous, and sometimes outlandish challenge-style videos, we can expect MrBeast to pull out all the stops for his take on Squid Game. His videos also often take a gameshow approach, offering extremely generous cash prizes for the winners of his challenges.

The YouTuber has already hinted that this will be his most expensive video yet, and has started selling merch to help fund the project. He said it will cost “a few million dollars” to make the video, and 100 people who buy the merch will be chosen at random to compete in his ‘Squid Game’ for $456,000.

What games will be played?

As MrBeast recreates the “game” part of Squid Game, it’s assumed that the video will take on a similar survival style of challenges and eliminations. While the series draws inspiration from children’s games such as Red Light, Green Light, and Tug-of-War, it seems MrBeast is looking to spice up his games to avoid predictability.

He took to Twitter to ask fans for ideas on how to run the games, and was met with enthusiastic suggestions ranging from creating a new set of games entirely, to putting a twist on the games that are played in the show.

Who will be in the games?

Along with the lucky 100 chosen from his merch sales, MrBeast will be inviting other players to take the total number of competitors to 456, matching the original Squid Game series. Of course, fans on TikTok and Twitter have been putting their hands up to take part in this highly anticipated video. Streamers and TikTokkers including Ludwig and Bella Poarch have also shown interest in joining.

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MrBeast has clarified in the comments section of one of his TikTok videos that only people in the USA who have been vaccinated will be eligible to participate.

Over a month since his announcement, the creator took to TikTok this week to share the progress on the Squid Game set he’s recreated. The set reportedly cost $3.5 million to build, causing a lot of contention on Twitter from users who feel the money should be donated rather than used for this purpose, especially given the TV show’s underlying anti-capitalist message.


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While MrBeast hasn’t announced a release date, we anticipate his YouTube video will likely become amongst the most-watched on the platform.

Check back for updates on MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation.

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