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Julia Fox & Kanye West Have Split

Julia Fox & Kanye West Have Split

Julia Fox Kanye West

Updated: February 14th, 2022

Only days after sharing the news herself and Kanye West call each other ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Julia Fox has removed all photos of the rapper from her Instagram account.

From threatening to pull out of 2022 Coachella to openly criticising Kim Kardashian on social media regarding the co-parenting of their four children, Kanye has had no shortage of media attention of late. While Twitter users have been quick to speculate the drama and negative press around both Kanye and the pair’s relationship had become too much for the Uncut Gems star, Page Six has reported the recent decision to delete any Instagram pictures of or with Kanye, has “nothing to do with the status of their relationship.” Instead, Page Six reports “she deleted the photos because commenters were being really mean and she didn’t want to deal.”

The recent actions from Julia come days after reports the couple are in an “open relationship and [are] seeing other people”, further fuelling rumours they had actually broken up. The actress had also recently unfollowed multiple Kardashian fan accounts, but explained she had become “tired of seeing [herself]”, she explained in face to camera Instagram stories. “Suddenly Instagram was not a fun place anymore,” she continued. “I took the…photos down because I read the comments and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, you clearly only posted photos you looked good in.'”

However, one day after removing all photos of Kanye from her Instagram, a rep for Julia confirmed to Just Jared that the two have officially split.

“Julia and Kanye remain good friends and collaborators but they are no longer together,” they told the outlet.

So, while Foxye may be done, one thing is for sure— they won’t be out of the headlines anytime soon.

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