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Jeffree Star Faces Backlash For Selling Yak Meat Despite Owning Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand

Jeffree Star Faces Backlash For Selling Yak Meat Despite Owning Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand

Jeffree Star is diversifying his business portfolio.

The controversial YouTube star shocked fans over the weekend when he revealed that he is now selling yak meat from his Wyoming farm, Star Yak Ranch.

“Our delicious grass fed #Yak meat will be available on our online store soon, hoping for next month!” he wrote on his farm’s Instagram account. “WYOMING & Casper locals! TOMORROW 5/28 we will be selling yak meat from 10AM-1PM at our warehouse! Come stop by and say hey and we have every cut available”.

In mid-2021, the beauty mogul listed his L.A. mansion and permanently moved to his ranch in Wyoming. He began preparations to relocate in 2020 following several scandals that threatened his career.

Though he stayed quiet on the farm’s operations, Jeffree has spoken frequently over the past year about his love of yak farming, saying he is “in love” with their spirit and calling his 40+ animals part of his “family”.

On September 1st, 2021, Insider reported that Jeffree had filed a trademark line for yak-related products, including yak yarn, treats, clothing, and more. Following this report, the creator allegedly posted an Instagram story claiming his yaks were just for petting and loving.

Fast forward less than a year, however, and it’s clear Jeffree’s plan to farm, harvest, and sell meat from his yaks has likely been in the works for years.

Several people have taken to social media to criticise the social media star for intentionally deceiving fans, while others note the hypocrisy in Jeffree selling yak meat while owning a cruelty-free cosmetics brand.

Taking to Twitter, Jeffree addressed the criticism, saying he is helping supply his local community with food and has donated “over 1000 pounds of meat to shelters.”

Jeffree continued, addressing his former comments that his yaks are pets.

“Stop using the same regurgitated quote from last year when I said ‘all of my yaks are pets..’ THEY ARE. But months later I learned how healthy #yak meat is and I started to appreciate learning where my food comes from… Educate yourself & not immediately lash out at,” he wrote.

He later reiterated that “every yak on my social media is my pet”.

In response to those calling him hypocritical for owning a cruelty-free beauty brand while actively farming yaks, Jeffree seemed to imply that vegan beauty is an outdated industry trend.

“I see no conflict. I chose to create a cosmetics line that doesn’t torture and test on animals,” he tweeted. “We all know I’ve never claimed to be vegan, it’s about evolving in the beauty industry & moving past the old ways”.

Despite the discourse, Jeffree claims his first venture into selling yak meat went well, with “hundreds” of locals showing up to his farm’s warehouse sale with just 12 hours’ notice.

From next month, you, too, will be able to purchase Jeffree Star’s USDA-inspected grass-fed yak meat via

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