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Jaclyn Hill Marries YouTube Home Chef Jordan Farnum

Jaclyn Hill Marries YouTube Home Chef Jordan Farnum

Jaclyn Hill is now officially Mrs. Torrey!

The beauty YouTuber tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Jordan Torrey — professionally known as Jordan Farnum— in a ceremony on Saturday, April 27th, 2023.

Though Jaclyn has not released much information about her wedding day at the time of writing, it appears the couple wed somewhere in the San Matteo, California area and that guests were asked to stick to an all-black theme, based on photos posted by family and friends.

Guests included celebrity makeup artist, Nicole Faulkner, better known as Lipstick Nick, and influencer Christian Vorderbrueggen.

Jaclyn and Jordan started dating in 2018 following the influencer’s divorce from Jon Hill. It was later revealed that the two initially met when Jaclyn and her ex-husband hired Jordan to help them with video editing. At the time, there were also rumours that Jordan and Jon were close friends.

These details left many fans to speculate that Jaclyn had cheated on Jon with Jordan, or that they had started their relationship before she was officially divorced. However, Jaclyn addressed these assumptions in a September 2020 video, claiming she had been separated from Jon at least six months prior to announcing their divorce on her channel. While she did share that Jordan and Jon knew each other professionally, she insisted they were not close friends.

“Jordan and my ex-husband, they met at the studio,” she said. “Jordan, at the time, was working on an album of his own.”

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She went on to say that she began speaking with Jordan in DMs after she was divorced from Jon and that she pursued him.

In August 2021, Jordan moved into Jaclyn’s Florida mansion and they two got engaged in December 2021.

We can’t wait to see more snippets from Jaclyn and Jordan’s big day.

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