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Introducing The Powerful New Laptops Built For Gen Z Creatives

Introducing The Powerful New Laptops Built For Gen Z Creatives

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There’s no denying that Gen Z is changing the world.

From the explosion of TikTok to influencing the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and tech, this generation of young people has already put their mark on culture in a big way. But as we move into 2023 with Gen Z at the start of their career, it’s their unique approach to work that may be the most impactful yet.

A generation of digital natives, Gen Z prioritises flexibility in their work, preferring a remote/in-office hybrid split. They’re also more likely to work multiple jobs at once and engage in independent work such as creative freelancing or contracting, compared to previous generations.

While some of these trends are circumstantial (Gen Z entered the workforce during the pandemic, after all), the reality is that this generation is blending work and lifestyle in their own way— and they need adaptable technology to support this.

Second only to their smartphone, the most important piece of tech for Gen Z is a laptop, enabling them to work or study from anywhere in the world on their own terms.

Despite so many options on the market, HP’s latest premium laptop launches, the ENVY x360 and Spectre x360 are two favourites among creatives in this generation for a number of reasons.

The versatility

Of those who prefer to use a laptop for work, one-third of Gen Z favour a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet to get varied use out of their device— and that’s exactly what the HP ENVY x360 and Spectre x360 offer.

Perfect for a hybrid lifestyle, these devices are convertible from a traditional laptop into a tablet where you can take handwritten notes, sketch designs, or edit content on their large screens, a particularly important function for both creatives and students.

When the laptop is in tent mode, it can also stand on its own, so you can easily watch your favourite shows even in tight spaces, like on a plane, on the bus, or (let’s be real) from bed.

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The performance

Whether you’re shooting content from sunrise to sunset or spending the day clearing out your inbox from a local cafe, the HP ENVY x360 and Spectre x360 offer fast charging and long battery life, powered by Intel EVO, so you never have to worry about a dying battery while working on the go.

The speed of these devices is also a huge advantage for Gen Z. Given that they skipped the era of dial-up internet and jerky interfaces, 62% of young people say they will not use a website or app if it is too slow to load. Both the ENVY x360 and Spectre x360 wake in <1 second and feature nearly 3x faster Wi-Fi, ideal for a generation with short attention spans who expect highly efficient technology at their fingertips.


One girl, one HPEnvyx360, one battery charge. @grlswirl team rider Val Laforge uses her PC throughout the day.

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The features

Built for multi-tasking, these laptops have a host of innovative features to help you move seamlessly between admin, creative endeavours, and entertainment.

For an elevated video call experience, the ENVY x360 and Spectre x360 feature powerful 5 MP Cameras with Autofocus, backlight adjustment, background noise reduction, and high screen clarity that show images and videos in incredibly accurate colours.

Perhaps most exciting for those of us on video calls all day, both devices also offer a built-in ring light capability and an appearance filter to give you that ‘clean girl aesthetic’ in every virtual meeting without actually needing to be put together.

Whether you’re a creative professional with a hybrid career, a freelancer working on multiple projects, or a student juggling study and fun, the latest HP Premium laptops are a powerful investment in your work-life balance.

Shop the HP ENVY x360 here and the HP Spectre x360 here.

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