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How To Get Addison Rae’s Fresh Breakup Hair From Home

How To Get Addison Rae’s Fresh Breakup Hair From Home

Heatless curls, long-lasting foundation application and enlightening us with the extreme lengthening properties of Maybelline’s Sky High mascara — there is no denying TikTok has become a black hole of beauty hacks.

And now we have another one to add to the list: a step-by-step guide to styling the curtain bangs your favourite influencer — from Addison Rae to Dixie D’Amelio— are all sporting. And no wonder, the easiest way to try bangs without committing to a full, front fringe…it’s no surprise curtain bangs have taken over the Internet. 

And thankfully, we’ve now been blessed with a mini video tutorial. Boasting 2.5 million TikTok followers and over 500K on Instagram, German born creator Millane Friesen has risen to popularity by creating GRWM videos– showing the world how she creates her glowing complexion and due to popular request, now sharing how she styles her 90s era supermodel hair (including her curtain bangs, of course).

The first step, Millane shows, is to separate the bangs from the rest of the hair, by pulling it down and out, over your face. Millane is generous for this step, also including the framing, longer pieces of hair from the outer edges. She then brings the Dyson Airwrap hair styler, with the Round volumising brush attachment, from the back of her head and rolls her fringe backward over the brush, while rolling the brush backwards, as you would with an old school hair roller. She then holds this for roughly ten seconds. 

The benefit of the Airwrap is that with no heat, there is minimal damage to your hair, so don’t be concerned about holding it too long. Repeat the step if you’re not happy with the volume. 

For the second step, Millane lets the longer, face framing pieces of hair down, and repeats the movement, focusing on the fringe itself to really boost the volume. She then let’s the fringe fall down over her face, with the edges now slightly turned up and with maximum volume.

All-in-all, it’s actually pretty simple.

Watch the video here.

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your most requested video I hope it helped! 😀 #foryou

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In lieu of a Dyson Airwrap, other creators on TikTok have used hair rollers instead. For this technique, leave the hair roller in while applying makeup and blast with a hot setting of a hairdryer to help mould the hair into place.

Brb, booking a hair appointment to get curtain bangs.

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