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Givenchy Beauty Enters The Metaverse With Roblox Collaboration

Givenchy Beauty Enters The Metaverse With Roblox Collaboration

Givenchy Beauty Roblox

From the world’s first gated NFT festival, Afterparty to the launch of Bella Hadid’s personally branded NFT collection, CY-B3LLA, we have seen the art, fashion and music industries dive headfirst into the metaverse. However, arguably even quicker to engage with consumers on such platforms has been brands within the beauty category — Givenchy Beauty at the helm.

The first luxury beauty brand to offer looks for Animal Crossing in 2020, then the first to create and launch an NFT in 2021, Givenchy Beauty are continuing their trajectory into the metaverse with a new collaboration: The Givenchy Beauty House on Roblox, a metaverse platform which sees more than 50 million users gather daily.

From dancing and partying with friends on the Irresistible dance floor, to utilising vending machines of Le Rouge lipstick cross-body bags, visitors can access different areas and activations within the Givenchy Beauty virtual experience. As part of the collaboration, five digital items inspired by Givenchy fashion accessories (such as an Irresistible backpack and padlock chain) can be earned through participating in activities, like dancing, exploring and experimenting with makeup at the makeup stations.

Designed in partnership The Gang, a Swedish developer studio with a resumé including games like Strongman Simulator and design for the McLaren Formula One Team Technology Centre experience on Roblox, the Givenchy Beauty House is inspired by the brand’s most iconic products and designed to give players the ultimate Givenchy experience, allowing them to fully express themselves through their avatar in the process.

The Givenchy Beauty House on Roblox is available now.

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