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Gabbie Hanna Shows Evidence Of Friendship With Trisha Paytas In Unseen Footage From Podcast Episode

Gabbie Hanna Shows Evidence Of Friendship With Trisha Paytas In Unseen Footage From Podcast Episode

One month after the Gabbie Hanna vs Trisha Patyas feud came to a head over a Buzzfeed article, Gabbie has released cut footage from that episode of her podcast ‘Burnout With Gabbie Hanna‘, bringing all the receipts on Trisha.

Trisha and Gabbie have a long history of drama and have been battling it out on social media for years. In February 2021, Gabbie invited Trisha onto her podcast to hash out their issues, however Trisha ended up blocking Gabbie shortly after the episode went live, claiming Gabbie edited their conversation to suit her narrative.


the backstory between trishapaytas and gabbiehanna for context on their current feud.

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Amidst the back-and-forth, the feud evolved into a disagreement on whether the two ever had a genuine friendship. While Gabbie insists they had a friendship from 2016-2019, Trisha maintains that Gabbie is “delusional” and fabricated a friendship between the two in her mind.

In a new video posted on June 16th, Gabbie released cut footage from their podcast chat, bringing text receipts and voice recordings from as far back as 2017 as proof of her relationship with Trisha.

Gabbie claims that she removed this portion of the podcast originally because she had “no desire to embarrass [Trisha],” and she just wanted a chance to clear the air.

Throughout the video, Gabbie posts screenshots of text conversations with Trisha, despite Trisha repeatedly claiming they weren’t friends.

Fans of Gabbie are calling Trisha out for gaslighting Gabbie in the video, but it seems like the wider internet community is done with their drama.

Trisha has since responded to Gabbie’s video with a tweet, writing, “Why u doing this to our friendship girl ? Let’s talk. Let’s learn. Let’s go together. But also, mainly, please don’t murder me. Thanks.”

Although Gabbie and Trisha seem to make progress towards reconciliation by the end of the video, it’s safe to say Gabbie has just added fuel to the fire.

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