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Emma Chamberlain And James Charles Reveal They Reconnected Thanks To This Hype House Member

Emma Chamberlain And James Charles Reveal They Reconnected Thanks To This Hype House Member

Sister Squad is officially back! Well, at least 50% of it.

After breaking off their friendship over a year ago, Emma Chamberlain and James Charles have reunited with not one, but two, collaboration videos.

Back in 2018, Emma, James, and the Dolan twins created a YouTube collab group called the “Sister Squad.” The collective frequently filmed together, raking in millions of views each video. By early 2019, there were hints that the group was unraveling— this was solidified when Emma unfollowed James during a social media cull. The group completely parted ways when Tati Westbrook uploaded her infamous BYE SISTER video with heavy allegations against James. The Dolan twins unfollowed James in the aftermath and James subsequently unfollowed all Sister Squad members.

Though the Sister Squad refused to address what caused the falling out, James seemingly confirmed his friendship was over with Emma in a September 2019 Instagram live when a fan suggested he see Emma. “Uh, no. Not going to hang out with her,” James replied.

Fast forward nearly a year to August 2020, and the two re-followed each other on Instagram! This was the first indication that the viral stars were rekindling their friendship.

Then, on August 7th, a paparazzi asked Emma if she and James had reunited, to which she responded, “Yeah, he’s great. I love him.”

After weeks of commenting on each other’s posts and showing public support for each other, the OG Sister Squad members are back filming together— giving fans the collaboration they never thought they’d see again!

Emma and James have joined forces to create two new videos for each other’s channels. On Emma’s channel, the 19-year-old does the beauty guru’s makeup while chatting about everything they’ve missed. Emma picks out a full week of outfits for James on his channel.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be in this room again,” Emma says at the start of James’ video.

James goes on to say that he and Emma recently reconnected after nearly two years. “We’ve been texting back and forth and hanging out a few times behind the scenes as well. A lot can happen over the course of two years.”

Despite staying tight-lipped on the reason for their falling out, the stars do reveal how they reunited, and it’s actually thanks to The Hype House’s Larray Merrit!

“We have a mutual friend, which is Larray,” Emma says in her video. “And Larray came over to my house, which is weird because I never hang out with anyone. He was saying that he filmed a collab with James where they prank called people. And I was like, ‘Why didn’t you prank call me?’ and he was like, ‘Emma, you haven’t spoken to James in like a year!'”

Emma goes on to say that there wasn’t anything “weird” between her and James, they had just simply not been speaking.

Larray then suggested that they call James. “And then we called James and me and James talked and then James came over,” Emma says. “We like hung out and we talked and caught up and I was like wait a minute, I missed you sister!”

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James also reveals he had attempted to reach out to Emma “three different times” over the course of their year apart, but he couldn’t get in touch with the star because she had changed her phone number.

Despite the drama, it seems the two are ready to put the past behind them and move forward as the internet’s favourite friends once again.

We’re so happy to see these two back together and we’re so ready for Sister Squad 2.0 to save 2020!

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