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Doja Cat x Girls Who Code: The Interactive Music Video To ‘Woman’

Doja Cat x Girls Who Code: The Interactive Music Video To ‘Woman’

Doja Cat has invited fans on an alternate dimension adventure in her music video to ‘Woman,’ the fourth single off her Grammy-nominated album Planet Her. 

Directed by child., the music video features singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor as the Queen of Planet Her. 

Much like ‘You Right’ and ‘Need to Know’, the video to ‘Woman’ follows Doja Cat as she returns to Planet Her. In the newest addition to the saga, the pop star finds herself protecting Teyana’s reign from a set of male challengers. 

As expected, the video is flooded with sets of expertly choreographed dance scenes and enchanting visuals, drawing us further into Doja Cat’s world of Planet Her.

Bringing the video’s themes of female empowerment into reality, the pop star partnered with Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organisation aiming “to change the face of tech.” With Girls Who Code hoping to lessen the gender gap in computer science, the collaboration culminated in the “first ever codable music video.” 

Dubbed “Dojacode,” viewers have the opportunity to alter the video using simple coding languages such as CSS, Javascript and Python. From choosing the Queen’s nail polish to changing the colour of the sky and clouds, viewers make decisions that immediately take effect. As you would expect, the results are also shareable.

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Not only does the interactive experience of Dojacode allow fans to express their creativity, but it also helps women feel confident to pursue careers and hobbies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, despite the gender gap.

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