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Carly Incontro And Erin Gilfoy Break Silence On Vlog Squad Allegations

Carly Incontro And Erin Gilfoy Break Silence On Vlog Squad Allegations

Former Vlog Squad members Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy have broken their silence on allegations against David Dobrik and the YouTube collective.

In a 2 minute and 48-second video posted to their joint channel Carly and Erin, the girls start by clarifying that no one has told them they can’t speak on the allegations, despite Twitter rumours that David’s team has issued a gag order.

They go on to say they’ve taken time to process the news this past week.

“The article came out, we read it the same time as you guys, and I mean obviously we think it’s disgusting what happened and none of that is okay,” Carly says before saying they hope Hannah’s abuser faces consequences and takes accountability. “We do not condone that at all.”

Erin reiterates that both influencers were not present the night Hannah was allegedly raped by Durte Dom and “didn’t know it happened.”

“As someone who has experienced sexual abuse myself, I know how traumatising it can be,” Erin says. “To be exposed like that and like, shared with all these people [via the vlog], I’m sure is really hard.”

Without naming David and other members present that night, Erin says “everyone who was involved should take accountability and continue to learn why their involvement in the situation had an effect on it.”

The girls finished by saying they “completely stand in solidarity with all victims, all survivors, and it’s just important that you know that.”

We presume this is one of many videos to come from former Vlog Squad members.

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