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Bumble Teams Up With Non-Profit Bloom To Offer Trauma Support

Bumble Teams Up With Non-Profit Bloom To Offer Trauma Support

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In an industry first partnership, Bumble has announced the launch of complimentary online trauma support to members who report sexual assault or relationship abuse. In collaboration with non-profit Bloom, the announcement is evidence of shifting priorities and improved safety measures being implemented across the online dating-sphere.

A global survey of the Bumble community, undertaken by Bloom found that abuse was happening almost equally online and in-person. As a result, Bumble users are being encouraged to report sexual or relationship abuse to the app’s feedback team. In response, they will receive a code for free access to a version of Bloom’s support customised specifically for Bumble members. The customised program will include three self-guided courses; ‘Healing from Sexual Trauma’, ‘Society, Patriarchy, and Sexual Trauma’, and ‘Dating, Boundaries, and Relationships’, in addition to a library of resources and in some cases access to one-to-one chat support and up to six therapy sessions. 

To counteract privacy concerns, the program ensures every participant will remain anonymous, while still able to participate in a group environment. Bloom technology guarantees end-to-end encryption that enables secure conversations, in order to recreate in-person therapy online for those who most need it. 

“The safety of our members has been central to our mission from day one. It is vital that we create a space for survivors within our community to be seen, heard and believed,” says Kenya Fairley, Bumble’s Head of Member Safety Support.  

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The recent development in safety for the women-first dating app comes at a time where dating content and stories, such as Tinx rise in popularity and phenomenons like West Elm Caleb are consistently going viral on platforms like TikTok and beyond – speaking to the increased need to be sharing safe practices and resources for young women.

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