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Are Chase Hudson & Chiara Hovland Dating?

Are Chase Hudson & Chiara Hovland Dating?

Fans are convinced that TikTok star Chase “Huddy” Hudson is dating model Chiara Hovland, as he was spotted by her side as she celebrated her 24th birthday.

Chiara is a Los Angeles model signed to Ford Models and has appeared in multiple brand campaigns including Dior and Steele. 

Users first noticed that the pair started following each other back in November and have been liking each other’s posts. 

Chase is actually known online to be a fairly ‘stingy’ liker and rarely likes his friends’ posts. So when he started liking Chiara’s, fans started to notice. 

On the 8th of February, gossip Instagram account @teatoktalk posted a video of Chase sitting right next to Chiara as she blew out her candles for her 24th birthday. 

Internet sleuths have continued digging into Chase’s social media accounts and discovered that both of his parents are actually following Chiara. Chiara’s mum is also following Chase. 

Fans have taken this as a sign of their relationship, especially since Chiara is also following Chase’s assistant Isabelle Grass. 

Neither Chase nor Chiara have confirmed or denied the relationship at the time of writing.

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