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Zayn Malik Has Fans Convinced That One Direction Will Reunite Soon

Zayn Malik Has Fans Convinced That One Direction Will Reunite Soon

Could a 1D reunion be on the horizon? Fans of the iconic boy band think so.

Rumours that One Direction may be making its long-awaited return began circulating on Monday thanks to former member Zayn Malik.

The 29-year-old artist, who left the band in early 2015 and went on to release solo music before having a baby with Gigi Hadid, shared a nostalgic video of himself singing the 1D song ‘Night Changes’.

The ballad was originally released in November 2014, just four months prior to Zayn’s exit due to stress. The remaining four members went on to release one final album and the band announced an extended hiatus in August 2015.

Though it’s been seven years since they parted ways, the 1D fandom is still hopeful for a reunion, with Directioners flooding social media speculating that Zayn’s post was a hint that something may be coming.

“Is this Zayn telling us he wants a One Direction reunion??” one fan tweeted.

“Plot twist: Zayn Malik is rooting for One Direction reunion,” wrote another.

Back in April 2020, band member Liam Payne teased the possibility of a reunion, telling The Sun that they were possibly working on getting the group back together. “We’ve got a 10-year anniversary coming up so we’ve all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks which has been really nice,” he said.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to pan out for their 10-year anniversary (possibly due to the pandemic), however, fans noted at the time that Zayn was allegedly reinstated as an official band member on One Direction’s Google search and that their cover photo on Apple Music has changed to a photo of all five band members.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, this is the second time that Zayn has publicly sung a One Direction song in 2022. Here’s to holding out hope!

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