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Did Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson Finally Get Back Together?

Did Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson Finally Get Back Together?

Updated December 28, 2021

TikTok’s on-again-off-again power couple Charli D’Amelio and Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson continued to tease fans by coordinating Halloween costumes this year.

ICYMI, Charli served in a whimsical Alice in Wonderland look complete with a blonde wig, while Chase made a convincing Mad Hatter. Both Charli and Chase posted Instagram pictures and TikToks in their matching looks, continuing to spark rumours that the two are back together.

The exes also posted a TikTok dancing to Don Toliver’s “No Idea”, taking us back to the 2019 Hype House era when they were first rumoured to be dating.

The TikTok stars dated on and off throughout 2020, before officially ending thing in July when accusations of Chase’s cheating came to the surface. The messy breakup was at the center of a flurry of TikTok drama, culminating in Chase’s infamous July 6th post exposing cheating amongst almost every TikTok couple that was dating at the time. 

But fans were confused when Charli implied that she and Chase were still friends by reposting his Instagram story only weeks after the July 6th saga. Since then, the two have been constantly surprising fans by remaining obviously close.

Let’s take a look at the most recent causes for speculation of their rekindled romance.

Supporting his music career

Charli has not been shy in showing her support for Chase’s budding music career. She played the female lead opposite Chase in the music video for his third single ‘America’s Sweetheart’ which was released in April 2021, and was later confirmed to be about his relationship with the TikTok star.

A few days after the video release, Charli posted pictures of the two on the set of the music video accompanied by a long caption gushing about how positive the filming experience was. She said of Chase, “I am beyond thankful for being able to be in this video and getting to be a part of this piece of art with the person I can lean on for everything”.

“This day was an incredibly emotional day for everyone but especially for Chase and I just due to the fact that we both were able to be vulnerable throughout every scene which meant some tears from us”. 

Charli continued to show her support for Chase’s music career when she posted a YouTube video of the two decorating cupcakes together inspired by each track from his first album Teenage Heartbreak, which was released on September 17th.

In the video, Charli asked Chase how many songs in the album were about her, to which he replied, “let’s keep that a mystery for the viewers”, but alluded that Charli knew the answer.

Charli shares her side on the D’Amelio Show

In the height of speculation that the two had gotten back together, Charli spoke candidly of her and Chase’s relationship in her family’s reality show, The D’Amelio Show. The show streamed on Hulu on September 3rd, but was presumably filmed much earlier. For instance, the second episode begins with the mention of Dixie D’Amelio’s video with Vogue, which was posted on the outlet’s YouTube channel in January.

Keeping this in mind, in the fourth episode, Charli opened up to friends and producers about her relationship with Chase. Of the time they were dating, she said, “We were both very immature throughout our relationship, so it just didn’t work. But we realised it’s just better to be friends.”

Charli’s mom, Heidi also attested to their friendship, saying, “Charli and Chase have a great friendship” and “they really know they have each other’s back”.

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In the same episode, Charli said that while she and Chase were just friends at the moment, she describes their relationship as “right person, wrong time” and hopes they will “find each other again”.

Chase joins in on D’Amelio family trips

Perhaps the most convincing evidence for their reunion is that Chase is frequently seen spending time with the D’Amelio family along with Dixie’s boyfriend, Noah Beck. Over the past month, Chase appeared to have joined the D’Amelios on a family trip across Europe, posting Instagram pictures in the same cities as Charli. With family trips usually reserved for the nearest and dearest, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Charli and Chase had finally gotten back together.

It seems Chase also joined the D’Amelios on a family New Year’s vacation, as both of them posted stories from St. Barths on December 28.

Unreleased pictures from Chase’s birthday

Photos of Charli and Chase kissing have also been circulating online, sending shippers into a frenzy thinking that the two had finally gotten back together.

However, fans have commented that these pictures were actually taken at Chase’s birthday in May, and are not recent. 

Other fans have claimed that Chase posted these pictures and quickly deleted them.

Whatever the case, it seems Charli and Chase are definitely getting closer, but we can only speculate if the two are currently more than close friends.

And it’s fair to say that if and when these two decide to rekindle their relationship, they will have plenty of support coming their way!

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