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What Is Beezin’? TikTok Users Revive Millennial Trend Of Putting Burt’s Bees On Eyelids

What Is Beezin’? TikTok Users Revive Millennial Trend Of Putting Burt’s Bees On Eyelids

While nostalgia for the 2000s might be at an all-time high, this is one trend we certainly did not need to revive.

In recent weeks, TikTok users have been partaking in the decade-old trend of putting Burt’s Bees lip balm on their eyelids during a night out to amplify their buzz.


are we young now #beezin #burtsbees #fyp @spagootersam @jadehessie

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This phenomenon, dubbed “bezzin'”, is typically done with menthol or peppermint flavoured lip balm and is meant to cause a tingling sensation on the eyelids while enhancing alertness— especially if someone is already tipsy.

Beezin’ first emerged among teens around 2005, gaining mainstream recognition in the mid-2010s when TIME reported on the trend. It made a quick resurgence on YouTube pre-pandemic around 2019 before going completely off the map, until now.

Beezin’s newfound popularity comes after TikTok user @zer0fs posted a compilation video on December 10th of her friend group beezin’ on several occasions.

Though she was not the first to post a beezin’ video this month, her video reached over 25 million views in one week and was largely responsible for reviving this trend.

Though users all across TikTok are now participating in the trend, beezin’ has several dangerous side effects including inflammation, irritation, swelling, and even dermatitis to the skin around the eye.

The practice could also lead to more serious conditions like pink eye and other infections, especially if the lip balm has been used on someone else’s eyes or on someone’s lips.

So while beezin’ might seem like a fun and silly trend to try, it’s probably best to save your Burt’s Bees for your lips.

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