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Viral “Female Gaze” TikTok Creator Strange Kevin Exposed For Past Misogynistic Content

Viral “Female Gaze” TikTok Creator Strange Kevin Exposed For Past Misogynistic Content

This is why we can’t have nice things.

TikTokker ‘Strange Kevin’ is facing backlash after multiple videos resurfaced of the creator pretending to abuse women.

Kevin, who goes by @strangek3vin on his social channels, amassed millions of followers for his sketch comedy and reaction videos. His fame skyrocketed in recent weeks, however, after posting a video participating in the ‘female gaze trend’ on TikTok— with women across the app claiming he is the only man to master this trend.

What is the ‘female gaze trend’?

Ironically, this trend actually has nothing to do with the true meaning of the female gaze.

The term “female gaze” is a feminist theory term that refers to the way in which women are portrayed in art, film, and media through the eyes of a woman rather than a man. The concept is in response to a world dominated by the male perspective.

Over the past year, TikTok users employed the term to explain the difference between what men think women want versus what women actually want. While this strays from its original definition and intention, these videos have opened up meaningful discussions on the app about beauty standards and gender roles under the patriarchy.

As the phrase became increasingly popular amongst users, the ‘female gaze trend’ emerged. An even further deviation from the term’s origins, this TikTok trend has men looking at the camera with the smoldering gaze they’d use to pick up a woman from across a room.

Kevin becomes the master of the female gaze trend

Jumping on the trend, Kevin recently shared his rendition of the female gaze in a video where he switched from appearing nervous to being confident.

Thousands of women— mainly white women— made duets and stitches of his video saying he had mastered this trend. They noted that most men participating in the trend attempted to be seductive and overtly sexual in their gaze while Kevin’s gaze was soft yet assured.

Obviously, this is entirely subjective and someone’s intentions cannot be gauged from a 10-second TikTok video, but Kevin developed a reputation for understanding what women want, nonetheless.

Kevin is exposed for past misogynistic content

Weeks later, however, Kevin is now facing intense backlash after videos from his past have resurfaced thanks to a viral TikTok by @ziora.exe.

In a video posted on January 14th, 2020, Kevin acts out a skit in which he pretends to beat up his girlfriend for getting pregnant, with blood spewing out of her mouth after he punches her stomach several times.

In another TikTok posted on March 16th, 2020, Kevin pretends to grab his girlfriend’s neck and smack her head against a table, rendering her unconscious, after she asks him to stop gaming and lay down with her.

Kevin also posted a skit on July 5th, 2020 about beating up a bi-sexual woman after she tells him her favourite rapper is Tyler the Creator.

Kevin plays the role of both man and woman in all three videos.

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After these problematic videos resurfaced, popular creator Aunt Karen made a TikTok claiming she found Kevin’s Discord server called “Kevsexuals” where all ages are welcome to join.

“Anyone’s allowed to join, meaning minors,” she says. “What bothers me is the introduction section, where people are giving their age, location, and anybody can respond. There is no monitoring in this group at all.”

She also claims that minors are able to send photos of themselves to anyone in the server.

Off the back of these revelations, women across TikTok are expressing their disgust with Kevin’s content and apologising (to themselves, mostly) for believing all the hype about the creator.

Kevin has not addressed the backlash at the time of writing, however, he set his TikTok to private on November 29th.

Check back for updates.

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