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Twitter Blue Has Launched And Is Already Available In Australia & Canada

Twitter Blue Has Launched And Is Already Available In Australia & Canada

Twitter Blue launch

Following news of Twitter launching the ‘Super Follow’ function back in February, a recent announcement has shown the company is continuing to lean into successful monetisation models, like that of OnlyFans and Patreon.

As reported by TechCrunch, Twitter has officially launched its first ever subscription service, Twitter Blue. While the ‘Super Follow’ function allows users to support creators by paying for exclusive content, the Twitter Blue model works more generally– allowing users to utilise tools like Bookmarks, Read Threads and the service’s flagship feature: the long-awaited Undo Tweet function, allowing for editing within 30 seconds of the Tweet going live. 

Functions like Bookmarks and Folders are expected to help the fight against fake news by allowing users to save long-form articles and support professional news outlets, having somewhere to store and organise content to read at a later time. The Bookmark feature is also expected to supplement the “favourite” function, allowing the process of saving content to be more private. 

Other functions include the ability to customize app icons, home screen and colour themes.

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In order to fine tune pricing and service, Twitter Blue is now available in Australia and Canada, presumably before launching into the US. “We are going to continue to iterate on different tier and pricing opportunities as we continue to learn more about what is– and isn’t– working,” explains a Twitter spokesperson, in speaking to TechCrunch.

Currently, the service is available in Australia for $4.49 AUD and $3.49 CAD in Canada.

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