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Trisha Paytas Slams Ethan Klein & His Stans Following Appearance On The Mom’s Basement Podcast With Keemstar

Trisha Paytas Slams Ethan Klein & His Stans Following Appearance On The Mom’s Basement Podcast With Keemstar

Updated August 17th 2021

This is going to be awkward.

Months after their infamous exit from Frenemies, Trisha Paytas is sitting down to discuss the drama on the Mom’s Basement podcast.

Co-host and controversial drama YouTuber Keemstar shared the news today via Twitter with a photo of Trisha, himself, and fellow co-host FaZe Banks of popular gaming collective FaZe Clan, writing, “Just recorded FrEnemies next @momsbasement only on Spotify!”

Keemstar flipped off the camera while Trisha notably wore Frenemies merch in the photo.

Fans began speculating that the entire situation— from the photo, to the merch, to the episode in general— was a dig at Trisha’s former Frenemies co-host and soon-to-be brother-in-law Ethan Klein, with whom they had a falling out with back in June.

Frenemies ended after a dispute over uneven wage distribution

On June 8th, the 33-year-old YouTube star announced they would be leaving the show in a video posted to their channel titled, ‘stepping down from frenemies.’ The news came after a fight between the co-hosts related to an uneven wage distribution.

According to those who viewed the episode, Trisha admitted to having an “episode” over a segment that was created by a new h3 producer which upset that producer. This led to a discussion about Trisha’s contribution to Frenemies where Trisha took issue with Ethan saying they don’t contribute to the show.

Frenemies is filmed, edited, and produced by Ethan’s production company, h3h3Productions.

The two then got into a discussion about the financial breakdown of the show. While Ethan and Trisha allegedly split the paid membership revenue 50/50, Ethan made 50% of the AdSense revenue for the Frenemies channel— which falls under h3h3Productions— and Trisha took home 45%. The remaining 5% went to pay the crew.

Trisha complained that the crew’s cut came out of their split of the AdSense. These comments reportedly upset the crew, who were present for the conversation.

Trisha later accused Ethan of purposefully triggering them for content, including bringing up their past sexual assault and sexual health history. The controversial star posted an apology video two weeks later, however they have since removed the video.

On July 1st, Ethan responded to Trisha’s apology on his podcast channel, implying he can’t move on so easily from Trisha’s behaviour.

“She tried to ruin my life, my reputation, my business,” he said. “And not only that, there’s been a lot of heavy emotions within the family because obviously she’s engaged to my brother-in-law, Hila’s brother.”

“It’s nice that she’s apologising now after trying to ruin my whole life,” he said before revealing that Trisha had not apologised to him or any of the crew in private.

While Trisha’s interview on Moms Basement is not yet released, it seems Ethan is also convinced the episode is a publicity stunt.

Shortly after the photo went viral, Ethan quote tweeted, “I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny, this just really makes me sad”.

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Notorious for engaging in online feuds, Trisha and Keemstar have had their fair share of drama over the years.

What makes this entire situation seem calculated and messy, however, is just last week, Keemstar got into his own internet war with Ethan and allegedly striked the h3 podcast YouTube channel after Ethan criticised Keem for dating a 20-year-old. Keemstar maintains he did not strike Ethan’s channel.

Trisha has since responded to Ethan in a series of tweets and TikTok videos, claiming the reason they went on the Moms Basement podcast was their squash beef with Keemstar and FaZe Banks. Trisha notes this is exactly how the Frenemies podcast started as well— with Trisha guest starring on the h3 podcast in an effort to hash out their drama with Ethan back in 2020. Trisha also did the same thing on Gabbie Hanna’s podcast.

One day later, Trisha addressed their feelings to Ethan’s reaction in a YouTube video.

Throughout the video, the creator defends their decision to go on the Mom’s Basement podcast, insisting that everyone (namely Keemstar in this instance) deserves a chance to evolve and grow. Trisha says the h3 fandom has been attacking them on social media since their appearance on the podcast was announced and Ethan can never apologise when he’s proven wrong.

Many have taken issue with Trisha’s decision to go on the Mom’s Basement podcast regardless of Ethan, given Keemstar’s history of defending alleged sexual assaulters and victim-blaming.

The Mom’s Basement podcast drops every Wednesday. Check back for updates on this developing story.

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