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Ethan Klein Responds To Trisha Paytas’ Apology Following Frenemies Exit

Ethan Klein Responds To Trisha Paytas’ Apology Following Frenemies Exit

Updated: August 16th, 2021

Trisha Paytas has apologised to Ethan Klein after weeks of dragging his name through the mud.

In a turn of events that no one saw coming (at least not any time soon), Trisha Paytas sat down to publicly apologise to former Frenemies co-host and best friend Ethan “h3h3” Klein on their YouTube channel. Trisha deleted the video weeks later.

The controversial social media star starts by explaining that they’ve been working on their mental and physical health in recent weeks and they’re ready to take accountability for the demise of the beloved Frenemies podcast.

“I am very sorry Ethan for breaking your trust,” Trisha says before noting that posting screenshots of their personal text messages was what they believe to be the point of no return for Ethan.

The 34-year-old goes on to apologise for making Jewish “jokes” in the exposed text messages— which many considered anti-semitic— and says they apologise for not communicating better with Ethan when they had issues about the show.

“I apologise to all the h3 staff and also slash Frenemies staff,” Trisha says addressing the production crew who were at the centre of the initial argument that led to the podcast cancellation. “I always appreciated you guys.”

Trisha clarifies that they were not triggered by the Q&A segment, saying, “I was annoyed that I got cut off and I- I didn’t know how to communicate it or move past it… It could have been literally anything.”

The apology comes after weeks of back-and-forth online between Trisha and Ethan.

The pair, who joined forces in September 2020 to launch the Frenemies podcast about their tumultuous friendship, found massive success from the series both personally and professionally— playing a huge role in reviving Trisha’s damaged reputation and bringing both co-hosts back into relevancy online.

Frenemies ended after a dispute over uneven wage distribution

In early June, Trisha announced they would be leaving the show in a YouTube posted to their channel titled, ‘stepping down from frenemies.’ The news came after a fight between the co-hosts related to an uneven wage distribution.

According to those who viewed the episode, Trisha admitted to having an “episode” over the aforementioned Q&A segment that was created by a new h3 producer which upset that producer. This led to a discussion about Trisha’s contribution to Frenemies where Trisha took issue with Ethan saying they don’t contribute to the show.

Frenemies is filmed, edited, and produced by Ethan’s production company, h3h3Productions.

The two then got into a discussion about the financial breakdown of the show. While Ethan and Trisha allegedly split the paid membership revenue 50/50, Ethan makes 50% of the AdSense revenue for the Frenemies channel— which falls under h3h3Productions— and Trisha takes home 45%. The remaining 5% goes to pay the crew.

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Trisha allegedly complained that the crew’s cut comes out of their split of the AdSense. These comments reportedly upset the crew, who were present for the conversation.

Trisha later accused Ethan of purposefully triggering them for content, including bringing up their past sexual assault and sexual health history. The video is still published on their YouTube channel despite today’s apology to Ethan.

On July 1st, Ethan responded to Trisha’s apology on his podcast channel, implying he can’t move on so easily from Trisha’s behaviour.

“She tried to ruin my life, my reputation, my business,” he says. “And not only that, there’s been a lot of heavy emotions within the family because obviously she’s engaged to my brother-in-law, Hila’s brother.”

“It’s nice that she’s apologising now after trying to ruin my whole life,” he says before revealing that Trisha has not apologised to him or any of the crew in private.

Trisha has not responded to Ethan’s reaction at the time of publication.

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