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Review Roundup Of The Tati Beauty Blendiful

Review Roundup Of The Tati Beauty Blendiful

Tati Westbrook strikes again!

Last week, beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook (formerly known as GlamLifeGuru), released the second product from her cosmetics brand, Tati Beauty.

The brand first launched in October with a 24-pan neutral eyeshadow palette called the Textured Neutrals Vol 1. Though neutrals are hardly groundbreaking, the palette quickly sold out as makeup lovers were impressed by the palette’s shade range and creamy swatches.

This was a huge success for Tati, whose credibility was highly criticised after she launched her first company, a vitamin business called Halo Beauty, back in 2018.

Fans had reason to believe the brand’s next launch would be volume 2 of the Textured Neutrals palette. However, this time Tati threw us a curveball and released a product that no one ever expected…

A fuzzy powder puff called The Blendiful.

According to the website, The Blendiful is a makeup applicator that can be used to apply and blend any base product including primer, foundation, concealer, powder, contour, bronzer, blush and highlight. It works with both powders and liquids and the soft textured fabric makes for a flawless airbrushed look with no harsh lines.

The product comes with one big puff for your all-over base and one baby puff for harder to reach areas or more precise application. You can fold it up and mold it into varying shapes to suit all your application desires.

And after a few uses, just chuck it in the wash and it’s good as new!

We love a sustainable queen.

Though innovative, fans were confused at the reveal of the Blendiful, with many wondering, “Is she really trying to sell us an $18 powder puff????

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the disaster that was the Halo Beauty launch, it’s that Tati isn’t afraid to go out on a limb because in the end, her products always deliver.

So is The Blendiful really worth the hype?

Here’s a roundup of the Tati Beauty Blendiful reviews.

Her history with Tati aside, Laura Lee was impressed with The Blendiful, saying “I’ve never done my makeup faster.” She said it made her skin look airbrushed and she believes it’s definitely not a gimmick. Laura suggests using it 2-3x and then throwing it in the wash. She also noted that at $18 USD for two puffs, the price is lower than one Beauty Blender.

Nicole Tanneberg said the soft the texture of the microfibre made The Blendiful really pleasant to use. Unlike a traditional brush or sponge, you can divide The Blendiful into different sections for different products, which Nicole said made it very efficient and cost-effective, as you don’t need multiple tools to finish your face. “It’s the perfect product for the no harsh lines vibe that Tati goes for,” she said about how blended and soft her base appeared.

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Melisa Michelle tried The Blendiful for 3 days straight in order to give a well-rounded and honest review. She concluded that the product genuinely does do everything Tati claims, and she agrees you can make up your entire face with it. While her foundation did look a bit streaky upon application, she easily blended that out by dabbing The Blendiful over her base. Melisa said she will continue to use it primarily for cream contour and powder, but she doesn’t think it’s a tool that will replace a brush or the Beauty Blender for most.

Kelly Strack was skeptical at first, saying she really didn’t think The Blendiful would be revolutionary. However, by the end of the video she was left incredibly impressed. She found the product made her base look even more full-coverage than her go-to Beauty Blender and said it didn’t pick up as much product as her sponge normally does. The only downside she mentioned was that she would personally want to clean it after every use and that requires dry-time. She finished by saying her foundation, concealer and powder all looked significantly better than it normally does.

Despite the misleading thumbnail, drama channel Rich Lux actually loved The Blendiful and was shocked at how well it performed. He insisted it’s not a gimmick and said he believes it will become another technique for applying makeup that some people may prefer. He reassured that “no fuzzies come off” when using the product and found The Blendiful helped his base sit deeper into the skin rather than as a layer on top.

Allie Glines applied her makeup with The Blendiful and then checked back in with her audience about 5 hours later. She noted that her foundation still looked amazing and that she was only slightly oil in her T-zone, which is normal for her. She also washed the product on-camera and it came out looking brand new— with no leftover residue sitting within microfibres at all. She recommended the product and said she’s convinced The Blendiful will inch its way into her everyday makeup routine.

Cohlsworld gave The Blendiful a negative review. He admitted that he didn’t watch Tati’s reveal video explaining how to use it, which tbh is the same as buying a product and not reading the user manual. Similar to others who haven’t enjoyed using The Blendiful, Cohl went in with a lot of foundation at first and tried to use it like a Beauty Blender. Instead, Tati suggests building up your base and using a swiping motion initially. Then, you can go in and dab with The Blendiful to blend it out.

The Blendiful is available at and retails for $18 USD.

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