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Sienna Mae Gomez Addresses Jack Wright Allegations, Appears On BFFs Podcast

Sienna Mae Gomez Addresses Jack Wright Allegations, Appears On BFFs Podcast

Sienna Mae Gomez BFF Podcast

Off the back of ongoing allegations of sexual assault and verbal abuse by Jack Wright of friend, Sienna Mae Gomez, Sienna has recently appeared on BFFs Featuring Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy to discuss the allegations, for the first time since publishing a piece titled Reflections from an 18-Year Old Me earlier in the year.

Speaking to both the original video, posted by TikTok star Lachlan Hannemann in June 2020, and statements made by Jack and his team since — Sienna Mae appeared on the podcast with both a lawyer and forensic video analyst present to discuss the allegations.

Throughout the podcast, Sienna and her team denied accusations of sexual and verbal abuse, spoke to the illegitimacy of the video posted by Lachlan and confirmed that there is no legal action being taken against her by Jack Wright’s camp.

In reference to the pair’s relationship, Sienna explains “I really, really love [Jack]. I’ve been in two previous long term relationships and I was like ‘I’m going to get married to this guy. This is the one’. I was so stoked on it. He was loving making the content because of the views that it would get…we both saw that as a business transaction, but for me, personally, I was super into it and he knew that I was…I think he also knew that he, wasn’t. And that’s where things got messy.”

Of the original video and tweet, Sienna explains she reached out to the person who posted it and asked, “You know that’s not true, why are you talking about that on his behalf?” Throughout the episode she explains how stories have been taken out of context and that she has not heard from Jack or any of friends involved since the allegations broke.

When asked by Dave Portnoy, the role and reason behind Sienna’s lawyer and forensic video analyst being present, she explains “While I [had] some time off, I had my team do some investigating.” The forensic video analyst proceeded to break down the credibility of the original video as evidence against Sienna— which he determines overall as not credible primarily due to it’s length, being two and a half seconds, with no context as to the happenings before or after the footage that was posted. The expert further explains the video itself and the audio had been altered, making it illegitimate evidence. Additionally, Sienna’s lawyer explains the findings, as part of the investigation, that a high volume of bot accounts had been illegally created over the course of the last year, with the purpose of spamming related videos with hate for Sienna— something her team is allegedly investigating further.

While hosts Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy share their opinions throughout, they conclude the episode in agreeance with Sienna that it has become a ‘he said, she said’ situation, and while there is currently no legal action being taken on either side, it has become a fight in the ‘court of public opinion’. Sienna’s lawyer, in response to Dave sharing his experience in a similar situation, explains that they are currently considering all legal options, some of which include suing for defamation of character against multiple individuals.

Though the episode leans in support of Sienna, public opinion has not been in line with this sentiment— TikTok and Twitter audiences showing overwhelming support for Jack Wright as a victim and survivor of sexual assault.

Listen to the full episode of the BFFs Podcast episode featuring Sienna Mae Gomez here.

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