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Selena Gomez Announces New Mental Health Focused Role At Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez Announces New Mental Health Focused Role At Rare Beauty

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Selena Gomez is advocating for mental health once again.

After years of being open about her own struggles with mental health, Selena Gomez is taking it one step further with an exciting development for her beauty brand, Rare Beauty.

According to the brand’s latest Instagram, Rare Beauty— which was officially announced back in February and is set to be launching exclusively at Sephora this (North American) summer, is hiring for a new role: Director of Social Impact.

The singer shared that she will play an active role in the hiring process and will be working ‘side by side’ with the successful candidate. As a result, she emphasised it’s a top priority that she and the successful candidate have a strong connection.

So what does a Director of Social Impact do?

Selena explains that the role prioritises the ability for Rare Beauty to “connect with other people and the world, [helping individuals to]… feel less alone, while giving people access to mental health support services.”

With the brand’s mission of breaking down stereotypes and pressures that have become inherent to the beauty industry, Selena mentioned that during a pandemic is a more important time than ever to start acting on this mission, due to a spike in mental health issues. “Today, too many people feel trapped by unrealistic expectations that are impossible to achieve. Rare Beauty is about accepting you who are — and finding the beauty in your imperfections,” notes the brand’s Instagram.

Rare Beauty’s CEO Scott Friedman told Insider, “the new position will help shape conversations around many of Gomez’ aspirations and passions: beauty, self-acceptance and mental health. The director of social impact will help us go beyond words and really take action to support mental health awareness. We can only do this if a leader is solely focused on this responsibility,” Friedman says. “This position is a vital part of holding our brand accountable, both internally and externally.” 

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“I’m excited to see who this person will be, it’s very important to what we have promised at Rare Beauty. We are very serious about how we make people feel and how we want them to feel welcomed and connected with our family…so, super exciting,” Selena shared. 

Thinking of applying? The role and application can be found here

*immediately updates CV*

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