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#SarahCameronLips: The Bizarre Beauty Hack Helping TikTok Users Achieve The Outer Banks Character’s Signature Pout

#SarahCameronLips: The Bizarre Beauty Hack Helping TikTok Users Achieve The Outer Banks Character’s Signature Pout

Netflix’s teen adventure drama, Outer Banks, dropped its second season last week. Filled with more suspense, romance, and treasure hunting than the last, this season has also brought back a bizarre TikTok beauty trend.

Re-introducing, the Sarah Cameron lip flip trend where girls are smearing their top lips with eyelash glue… again.

What does eyelash glue on top lips have to do with Outer Banks, you ask?

The trend spawns from the desire to look more like Sarah Cameron, the fictional main character of the show, played by Madelyn Cline.

Since the show’s first season premiere in April 2020, Sarah Cameron’s “bruh-girl” energy and effortless beachy look quickly made her one of the most enviable characters on television. Possibly more enviable, however, are Madelyn’s lips which have become a main character all on their own.

With over 5.2 million TikTok views and counting, the hashtag #sarahcameronlips pays homage to Madelyn’s distinctly arched top lip and has led to the latest beauty “hack” to help fans achieve their very own Sarah Cameron pout.

The hack is simple— dab a small amount of eyelash glue above your top lip and press your lip upwards back onto the glue. The desired effect is similar to a lip flip, which injects a small about of Botox or a similar agent above the top lip to flip it up onto itself.

This trend came and in and out with the first season, however, it has made a definite comeback with the release of season 2.

While we can’t say this technique is necessarily safe or long-lasting, other TikTok users have shown some other ways to plump up their lips for a similar result, like over-lining and using shadows and highlight to emphasize the right areas.


God she’s so pretty… if you can’t beat em, join em #sarahcameron #obx #makeuptutorial

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And if it doesn’t work I guess we can go back to eyelash glue!

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