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Sabrina Quesada Addresses Speculation That She Is No Longer Friends With Nessa Barrett

Sabrina Quesada Addresses Speculation That She Is No Longer Friends With Nessa Barrett

Off the back of a tumultuous few days online, TikTok star Sabrina Quesada has addressed the rumours that she is no longer friends with Nessa Barrett. 

The pair – nicknamed SabNessa – have been virtually inseparable since TikTok creator Cooper Noriega tragically passed away in June 2022. Sab and Cooper had dated for approximately two years and announced their split in April 2022, where Nessa and Cooper were close friends before his death. 

From making cooking videos to posting TikToks together, Sabrina and Nessa quickly became comfort creators for many TikTok users mourning the loss of the young influencer.

But fans have started questioning whether the two have had a falling out. In a post recently shared by LA-based Hairstylist Lovette Candice, Sab was seen hanging out with Nessa’s ex-boyfriend, Jaden Hossler. 

ICYMI, Jaden and Nessa dated for a year from April 2021 to April 2022. The breakup was messy, with both creators unfollowing one another after rumours that Jaden cheated on Nessa started circulating online. 

Soon after Lovette shared the photo, Sab was spotted with Jaden’s new girlfriend, Stassie Karanikolaou, at his 22nd birthday party last week. Given that Nessa has been candid about how her breakup with Jaden was rough, social media users questioned why Sab would choose to attend the event. 

Nessa’s manager, Bree Shepherd, added fuel to the fire after allegedly liking comments addressing the rumoured rift between the two.  

“The shadiest part is they do all this stuff and post it so Nessa can see it. None of this stuff is genuine. It’s all for attention and to trigger Nessa,” the Instagram comment read. “This is why she [Nessa] took a social media break. These people have been tormenting her for MONTHS since the breakup, but everyone can finally see it now that they are making it obvious.”

Amidst the back-and-forth online, social media users have started calling Sab a “clout chaser.” 

According to @teatoktalk on Instagram, Valeria Arguelles – Sab’s former best friend – even jumped in on the drama. The YouTuber reportedly liked an edit that listed people that Sab had “betrayed” for viral fame over the past few years.

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Beyond Nessa and Valeria, the video included Katie PegoEva CudmoreMads Lewis and Cynthia Parker – all of whom Sab has fallen out with previously. 

Sab took to Twitter to address the situation, posting a short statement about her friendship with Jaden and previous drama with other influencers.

“I made many mistakes when i first moved to LA and have owned up to them, i’ve apologized and made amends with both eva and valeria offline,” she begins. “ness didn’t do anything wrong i just went through a lot of shit last month and needed to focus on me, meanwhile me having jaden as a friend wasn’t good for her mental health, which i respect fully… i am not innocent or perfect but i hold no ill will toward anyone and am truly just trying to heal and live my life.” 

Some social media users have supported Sab, claiming she can be “friends with who she pleases” while urging fans to let the pair work out any drama privately. 

Nessa has not publicly addressed Sab’s statement at the time of writing.

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