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Review Roundup Of AURIC By Samantha Ravndahl: Is It Worth It?

Review Roundup Of AURIC By Samantha Ravndahl: Is It Worth It?

Samantha Ravndahl’s highly anticipated makeup brand, AURIC, launches on January 26th and the PR reviews are in.

Known for her fiercely honest feedback and no-bullshit approach to the industry, Samantha’s reveal in her latest YouTube video was met with excitement from both fans and fellow creators alike.

Opting not to associate the brand with her own name, ‘AURIC’— which means of, relating to, or derived from gold— was heavily influenced by the brand’s core ethos. “Something that I found really interesting is that in all of these different cultures and societies, gold was valued everywhere,” Samantha explains. “Gold is something that is at least partially perceived value. Like, it’s not just down to scarcity. And so as we were kind of developing, you know, this brand and what’s meaningful to us— to us, the most valuable and important and golden thing is people.”

The Vancouver-based makeup artist goes on to say that to AURIC, inclusivity is more than just physical appearance. “It’s our life experiences and our beliefs and our creativity and our ideas and how we express ourselves,” she says. “So to us, inclusivity is welcoming all of that with open arms.”

Upon first glance, AURIC’S custom packaging and luxe pricepoint set the brand worlds apart from the private labeling and stock components we’ve come to expect from so many influencer brands. However, Samantha’s acute attention to detail and passion for artistry which have always driven her career as a content creator— and now a brand owner— birthed so much more than just a pretty package. From concept, to design, to execution, AURIC is a beauty brand created by an influencer— not an influencer beauty brand.

Debuting with two cruelty-free products— a range of illuminators and three cream eyeshadow duos— AURIC puts quality above quantity and ethics above the bottom line. Here’s what you can expect of the first releases from AURIC by Samantha Ravndahl.


Unsurprising to fans, AURIC is launching with an illuminating base product called the Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer. A favourite amongst reviewers who received it in PR, this sheer luminous cream product can be worn on its own, mixed with a foundation, or used as a liquid highlight to complete a look. (Did we really think Sam would launch with anything full coverage?) It comes in seven shades to suit a variety of skin tones (most illuminators come in three shades max) and contains skin-loving ingredients like squalane, glycerin, and propanediol.

As base products are notoriously difficult to formulate, beauty influencers have been pleasantly surprised by how wearable and natural the Glow Lust Radiant Luminzer appears on the skin.

Shanygne of Too Much Mouth compared the product to the cult favourite Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. The big difference, she says, is that “with the [Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter] it’s a lot more reflective and you can see the shimmer” whereas “whatever the formula is of [AURIC Glow Lust Radiant Luminzer] just makes it luminous”.

This sentiment is echoed across nearly every PR review on YouTube, with many saying the illuminator provides a natural lit-from-within glow without the standard white-cast of a highlight product. Alexandra Anele notes that it’s very lightweight and did not crease around her eyes as many base products do. She insists that despite the blinding glow (which you can sheer out or build up depending on preference), the formula is not wet or sticky on the skin.

In terms of how it wears, Micaylah Jewell did an eight-hour wear-test for oily skin. (If you have oily skin, you know the cream highlight struggle.) After multiple check-ins throughout the day, the product did not separate or fall flat. She says it “looks like skin” rather than caked on highlight, and recommended the product for anyone with oily or combination skin.

Shade Information

  • MORGANITE: Light cool beige
  • SELENITE: Light warm/neutral beige
  • PYRITE: Medium olive
  • CITRINE: Medium warm
  • GOLDSTONE: Medium/deep warm
  • AXINITE: Deep neutral
  • TOURMALINE: Deep neutral/cool

Retail Price

$45 USD


For the eyes, AURIC is releasing three cream eyeshadow duos. Each duo comes potted with one creamy matte and one reflective micro-glitter shadow infused with high-shine pearls. With shades Temper, Ego, and Defiance, Samantha touches on the shadow names in her reveal video, saying she was inspired by the labels women are branded with and the double standards those carry. “With women, you know, a lot of the times, people talk down about certain qualities in women that they would admire in men,” she says. “So all of the names are things that, you know, maybe have a negative connotation sometimes, but I think just makes for people that are captivating.”

The shadow duos also received rave reviews from content creators across the internet, with the primary point of feedback being that the formula doesn’t crease. (Low-key unheard of for a cream shadow!)

Julia Adams notes the cream base shadows have a mousse texture which she says is satisfying to use and ensures more precise application. Several reviews, including Julia’s and Stephanie Stipes’ of BabsBeauty, emphasise how easily the matte shadows apply to the lid and blend out. “They’re not super stiff,” says Stephanie. “Meaning that I can move them with my finger, but they’re not slipping either so you can sort of manipulate them.”

Maryam Maquillage also speaks to the Smoke Reflect Eye Shadow Duo’s flexible formula, saying, “Whether you apply this product with a brush or a finger is totally a preferential thing. You can totally defuse it or blend it out with either or.” Many recommend applying the glitter topper immediately after the matte base while it’s still tacky.

The shimmer topper combines metallic reflectiveness with an impactful glitter shine. Jamie Paige describes the shadow as “a metallic shade with very, very, very, very fine glitter in here. The glitter is not chunky at all, it’s almost indistinguishable, but when you turn your head back and forth, it gives that amazing reflective shine.”

Shade Information

  • DEFIANCE: Bronze
  • EGO: Silver
  • TEMPER: Rose gold

Retail Price

$39 USD

We predict AURIC by Samantha Ravndahl will be giving some of our favourite luxury brands a run for their money.

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