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The Brand Breaking Down Period Poverty In Australia

The Brand Breaking Down Period Poverty In Australia


We have come leaps and bounds when it comes to talking about, representing and educating people on periods but that’s not to say we don’t have a long way to go.

Off the back of New Zealand’s announcement that from June 2021 period products will be free and available in all schools, the NSW Department of Education will be trialling a similar pilot program; which involves providing free tampons and pads in schools in an effort to break down period poverty present within the state and the country. The announcement comes after Victoria and South Australia have made a corresponding state-led commitment. 

While progress is slowly but surely being achieved in the public sector, the private sector has been slower on the uptake– with surprisingly few brands pushing the boundaries of progression as a period care company in 2021.

As always, there are a few exceptions. 

Modibodi made headlines last year for clapping back at Facebook, after the platform blocked an ad campaign for the brand’s latest release: leakproof undies, due to the featuring of menstrual blood. And the newest brand on the block to make waves in the space is Juuni: an organic tampon and pad subscription service.

While the concept of a subscription box isn’t new, Juuni delivers a curated package monthly, in which you can mix and match products to suit your flow, but with the added bonus of gifts, sweet treats and monthly mantras.

“I think we need to make periods something [people] aren’t afraid to discuss and make it part of everyday conversation. Make them realise that it happens to people the world over,” says Alison Daddo, ambassador for the brand. “To me, Juuni is a celebration– it injects fun into having your period. I love opening the box, I never know what is going to be inside. Personally, I feel very taken care of,” she says.

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Additionally, in a bid to educate and de-stigmatise periods for the next generation of people who bleed, as well as address period poverty within Australia, Juuni has collaborated with The Happy Boxes Project to donate boxes throughout remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. For less than 50 cents a day, you can donate (here!) a Juuni Happy Box which contains three months supply of period products and some cheeky gifts (including a pack of SpotNix, a GlowPro Sheet Mask, a sweet treat and a copy of MyJuuni magazine, which answers a ton of common period questions).

For a limited time, Juuni is also offering a free box, inclusive of period products and the brand’s signature SpotNix acne treatment. Use the code ALIDADDO at checkout.

Get your free Juuni box here.

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