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Modibodi Speaks Out Against Facebook In The Fight To Destigmatize Periods

Modibodi Speaks Out Against Facebook In The Fight To Destigmatize Periods

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Despite campaigns, documentaries and celebrities speaking out in recent months, it seems Facebook is continuing to make headlines for the wrong reasons. The latest being the banning of Modibodi’s promotional video, ‘The New Way To Period’.

The promotional campaign champions the brand’s leakproof period undies as an alternative to disposable period products such as pads and tampons. The messaging promotes both sustainability and convenience, as the main benefits from the product, selling the undies as a lifestyle change for those who experience menstruation – normalising the bodily function in the process.

Launched in September, the campaign was posted organically, however was banned from running as paid content across Facebook and Instagram.

In the three reviews conducted, Facebook requested the removal of the colour red to represent menstrual blood, in order for the ads to run. “Our Community Standards outline what is and isn’t allowed on our free services, however, when it comes to ads on Facebook we have a higher set of standards for what content can be included in an ad,” the Director for Facebook ANZ, Naomi Shepherd told Mumbrella.

With research showing* almost one in three young girls are afraid of talking about their periods, Modibodi are working hard to break the taboo surrounding menstruation. Kristy Chong, founder and CEO of the brand told Mumbrella “Facebook’s decision is disappointing, and out of line with the response from other platforms.”

As a leader in normalising periods and feminine health and hygiene through their products, Chong explains “Advertising for personal hygiene products has come a long way in the seven years since we [launched], but many brands still feel the need to hide or gloss over the very natural process of having your period.”

“We’ve used red to represent blood from day one. ‘The New Way To Period’ shows the real side of menstruation and reminds womxn** they’re allowed to feel however they want when they have their period,” she says. “It’s the twenty-first century and it’s disappointing Facebook doesn’t want to normalise the conversation around menstruation. We also note that other media platforms have not taken the same direction as Facebook.”

The ad has since been approved by Facebook, as well as YouTube, from which it was also initially banned.

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*Research undertaken by Modibodi.

**The term womxn is one of several alternative spellings of the English word woman, or the plural women. It is used by Modibodi to include transgender, nonbinary and gender queer individuals.

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