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Nessa Barrett Reveals She Was Engaged to Jaden Hossler

Nessa Barrett Reveals She Was Engaged to Jaden Hossler

Nessa Barrett is opening up about her past relationship.

The TikTok star-turned-singer appeared on the Zach Sang Show on June 30th where she dropped a bombshell about her relationship with Jaden Hossler— that the two were engaged.

The revelation came about when Zach pressed Nessa on details of the lyrics for her single ‘lie’, in which she sings about keeping someone’s engagement ring despite never being their bride. Nessa also wears an engagement ring around her neck in the accompanying music video.

“We didn’t tell anyone at first until like, our moms,” Nessa says of their engagement. She shared that Jaden proposed the day before her birthday on August 5th, 2021.

Nessa said the ring she wore in her music video was the real ring that Jaden gave her.

Nessa and Jaden started dating back in March 2021 after leaving their significant others for each other. ICYMI, Nessa was dating the BFFs Podcast co-host Josh Richards and Jaden was dating fellow TikToker Mads Lewis at the time.

The couple split in April 2022 amid rumours that Jaden had cheated. Nessa debunked these rumours while appearing on Call Her Daddy in October 2022, saying that to her knowledge, there was no physical cheating and that she “knows how it feels to want attention from other people when you’re not getting it from the person that you’re with.” 

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During the interview with Alex Cooper, the ‘die first’ singer admitted that she and Jaden were selfish in their decision to date, given that (at the time) it ruined her friendship with Mads and Jaden’s friendship with Josh.

Though some fans are hoping that this means the two are on better terms now, it’s more likely that ‘lie’ and the accompanying music video are Nessa’s way of processing the end of a very turbulent chapter in her life.

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