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Madison Beer Responds To ‘Lolita’ Backlash

Madison Beer Responds To ‘Lolita’ Backlash

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As far as celebrity and influencer scandals are concerned, this one is a doozy.

After years of on-again-off-again cancellations, it seems this one may have stuck for singer and influencer Madison Beer. 

During an Instagram live on the 15th June, Madison responded to a fan question, admitting she romanticises the 1955 novel Lolita. The iconic yet hugely problematic novel follows the story of a middle-aged professor who becomes obsessed with, and later romantically involved with, a 12-year-old girl. A screen recorded video of the live quickly surfaced on Instagram and Twitter, with fans criticising her for using her influence negatively in condoning the inappropriate relationship. 

In now-deleted tweets, Madison responded to multiple requests for an explanation by saying…“I have always said Lolita is my favorite book because it’s so controversial…it raises awareness and tells a story from a different POV on an important topic which is why I love it. I am not saying I condone or romanticise a pedophilic relationship. I just like the book.”

However, fans were quick to point out the lack of concrete apology from the singer, with #MadisonBeerIsOverParty quickly becoming a trending hashtag.

In response, Twitter users began compiling Madison’s problematic history— proposing unproblematic role models to promote instead, such as Billie Eilish and ex Victorious, now Dynasty star Liz Gillies.

Madison has since issued a formal apology on Twitter, as well as retweeting and responding to criticisms of her not thinking before she voices opinions to such a large audience. “yes and I need to b mindful of other people’s experiences and i apologize sincerely. i’d never want to hurt anyone”, she tweeted.

Following up a day later, with a more extensive response.

While we wait and see if her fan-base bounces back, many are calling for the star’s permanent cancellation off the back of her increasingly tumultuous history, since shooting to fame in 2013.

Here’s hoping there is some serious self-reflection going on.

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