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Are Logan Paul & Olivia O’Brien Dating?

Are Logan Paul & Olivia O’Brien Dating?

Logan Paul is making headlines once again over his relationship status.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is rumoured to be back together with singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien following her appearance on the BFFs podcast on Wednesday.

During the segment, Olivia was asked by co-host and president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, why she’s been hanging out with Logan’s friend Mike Majlak recently. The 21-year-old joked that she’s part of the “Logang” (the former nickname for Logan Paul’s fanbase) to which Dave chimed in, “So, you’re f*cking Logan, is that it?”

“Um, yeah sure,” Olivia replied.

While it’s unclear whether Olivia’s response was serious or not, fans are now convinced the two have reunited.

Olivia and Logan were first linked at the tail-end of 2019, though their fling was short-lived.

In February 2020, Olivia released her hit single Josslyn, in which she sings about finding out her love interest has multiple side girls, leading fans to speculate the two had split. She eventually confirmed during a July 2021 interview that the song was written about Logan Paul, despite the fact that their relationship was never made official.

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Following their breakup, Logan went on to date influencer Josie Canseco and has since been linked to Addison Rae and Charly Jordan— both of whom are now in other relationships.

Logan has not publicly addressed his relationship status at the time of publication.

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