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‘Snow Bunny Hunter’ First Date Saga: TikToker Kendall Kiper Trolls “Worst First Date Ever” With Aspiring Artist Lil Butt3rz

‘Snow Bunny Hunter’ First Date Saga: TikToker Kendall Kiper Trolls “Worst First Date Ever” With Aspiring Artist Lil Butt3rz

Kendall Kiper has put a recent first date on blast. But not everyone online is convinced that it’s real.

The 22-year-old TikTok creator, who grew a following by teaching women “how to piss off men,” went viral this week after allegedly recording a first date with a man and posting a series to TikTok.

“What dating in LA is like,” she wrote over one of the videos.

Her videos have amassed over 8.2 million combined views and show Kendall drinking wine while the man she’s on a date with speaks about his aspiring music career, his belief that women should have a lower “body count” than men, and lists the influencers he thinks are “leading the new age thinking for all men”— like Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson.

The man also plays Kendall a snippet from his first single, called ‘Snow Bunny Hunter’, which she included in the TikTok.

“My first song, it’s called ‘Snow Bunny Hunter.’ Basically, it’s about my love for white women and everything like that. Like, my mom didn’t immigrate here [to] this country for me not to be with a white woman,” he said, apparently dead serious.

Kendall has since removed her second video where the man discusses women’s “body count” and how many people he’s apparently slept with.


“i think it has potential to go platinum” HELLPPP this wasnt even the worst part😭

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After posting the series earlier this week, many TikTok users were convinced this was a skit to mock red-pill men. However, Kendall has now posted a story time video, insisting that it’s real and explaining how she ended up on this date.

“I met him out at a club one night. Why I thought I could find love in the club, especially in LA, don’t fucking ask,” she said. “It’s the fact that all of you are trying to figure out if it’s satire or not. I was sitting there the entire fucking date, like, in real life, being like, is this satire? Like, is he performing a bit right now?”

Kendall shared a screenshot of alleged text messages he sent her after her videos started going viral. Kendall also said she got “17 phone calls” from him following her TikTok series.

“People are texting me and saying they recognize my voice,” he allegedly texted her. “I’m in the industry out here and you’re ruining my rep.”

The man also allegedly sent her two voice notes, which she played in the video.

“I’m just kind of upset, you know, I thought that we were having a good time and yeah, maybe the date didn’t end on such a good note and everything like that, but I shared those things with you because I felt that you would be— we’d have commonalities there,” he said. “I’m just hurt you shared something so intimate and private, a date, publicly on the internet and it’s going mega-viral. And I have people reaching out to me saying, dude, was that you in the video?”

He went on to call Kendall the “finest Snow Bunny” at the club where they first met.

“I low-key wrote the song about you because I thought it’d be a nice gesture and you’d feel the same way,” he claimed. He then allegedly sent Kendall his song.

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Replying to @ZAiNAB him sending the song is sending me into orbit rn HELP

♬ original sound – kendall🍒

This most recent video exposed two key details about her date, leading users to track down his artist name and find ‘Snow Bunny Hunter’ on Soundcloud.

First, Kendall had him in her phone as “do not reply butterz” followed by several question marks and a red flag emoji. This indicated to followers that his professional name includes “butterz”.

Second, she shared the artwork for his single. A search on Soundcloud reveals a song titled ‘Snow Bunny Hunter’ with the same art work recently published by an artist called Lil Butt3rz, featuring Lil Marsh.

The single published to Soundcloud has several comments which all seem to be from TikTok users who watched Kendall’s videos.

Despite the backlash, Lil Butt3rz seems to be capitalising on this moment of virality for his aspiring music career.

He recently launched a TikTok account and a YouTube channel where he’s promoting ‘Snow Bunny Hunter,’ but doesn’t appear to have any other social media accounts under the alias.

This begs the question— is the ‘Snow Bunny Hunter’ date saga really just one big troll? Or is this what dating in LA is actually like?

Kendall did not respond to Centennial World‘s request for comment.

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