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Jake Paul and Julia Rose Are Reportedly Expecting A Baby

Jake Paul and Julia Rose Are Reportedly Expecting A Baby

While Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy, clout chasing and clickbait, his recent claim has sent the internet into a tailspin. 

After watching the LA Lakers game on January 8, Jake dropped a bombshell when speaking with paparazzi and fans. In a paparazzi-recorded video, Jake is heard saying, “my girl is pregnant.”   

When speaking of “his girl”, Jake is referring to model, podcast host and magazine founder, Julia Rose. Jake and Julia have allegedly been in an on-again-off-again relationship since 2020. 

After going Instagram official in July 2021, the couple seems to be getting serious. Julia even changed her Instagram handle to @juliarosepaul, sparking marriage rumours. The couple has since confirmed that they have yet to tie the knot, but Jake has already given Julia a promise ring – so it is seemingly only a matter of time before her Instagram handle becomes a reality. 

Nevertheless, Jake’s pregnancy comment surprised his followers as the pair had not announced that they were expecting a baby. 

With no additional statement or post from the couple at the time of publication, fans remain sceptical – especially since Jake has a history of baiting his followers with pregnancy announcements. 

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Last August, Jake appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast and announced that Julia was pregnant. Shortly after, he clarified that he was joking. 

In December, Jake revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he and Julia both “wanna take that next step” and “have kids.” 

With Jake constantly trolling fans online, it is often tricky to differentiate between fact and fiction. Check back for updates.

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