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Jake Paul Criticises President Joe Biden In Recent Tweets

Jake Paul Criticises President Joe Biden In Recent Tweets

YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul, has taken to Twitter to criticise US President Joe Biden.

Listing “Biden’s accomplishments,” Jake blamed the President for the “highest gas prices” and “rent prices ever”, among a host of other political issues.

Jake also categorised Biden voters as “the American Problem.”

The 25-year-old went on to share a screenshot of an article with the headline, “Young Voters, Who Helped Biden to Victory, Are a Big Weak Spot in the Democratic Coalition,” and wrote, “My generation, left or right, agree with me. We need the President of our country to do better.”

Since sharing these tweets, Jake has faced an onslaught of criticism from his followers and other public figures.

Twitter user @rahmij2 responded to each of the points from Jake’s post, writing, “Biden doesn’t pick gas prices, Biden doesn’t control inflation, Biden doesn’t control the stock market (also don’t rely on crypto), Biden doesn’t control rent prices, idk what language you’re talking about.”

YouTube gaming personality, Jesse Cox, quoted Jake’s tweet, writing, “Translation: Jake Paul lost a bunch of money to crypto. He also believes the US President has power over “decentralised” crypto markets – as well as worldwide gas prices and inflation.”

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While Jake is not known for his political takes, it’s no secret that he is a staunch Trump supporter.

In May 2021, Jake shared a series of photos to his Instagram listing his recent accomplishments, one of which was FaceTiming former President Donald Trump.

In the post, Jake also included a screenshot of his call with Trump.

While social media is the place for political debate, Jake’s tweets serve as a timely reminder that influencers aren’t experts in politics. As we engage with social media in the age of fake news, we must constantly interrogate information we see online and actively seek out alternative opinions. 

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