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H3H3 Accuses James Charles Of Stealing Merch Design From His Wife, James Responds

H3H3 Accuses James Charles Of Stealing Merch Design From His Wife, James Responds

Updated September 20, 2020.

YouTuber turned podcast host Ethan “H3H3” Klein has accused James Charles of ripping off his latest merch design from Ethan’s wife, Hila Klein.

Earlier today, the viral star tweeted photos of James’ merch new hoodies, comparing the colour-block design to those by his wife Hila for her brand, Teddy Fresh.

“I know we didn’t invent colorblocking but I’m having a hard time w the new James Charles merch,” Ethan tweet. “It’s the same exact design as Hila’s. Combined with the fact that his audience is so huge, many people will assume he designed it and start accusing us of plagarism. What do you think?”

The podcaster, who recently announced a new joint audio venture with problematic YouTuber Trisha Paytas, posted side-by-side comparisons of James’ new ‘Sisters’ merch with his wife’s designs. He followed up admitting it may be a total coincidence, but notes the colour scheme is suspicioulsy similar.

Hila then took to Twitter herself to share her thoughts on her alleged plagiarised designs. The Teddy Fresh founder, which is popular with celebrities like Post Malone, shared photos sketches which she claims she drew back in 2017. “I guess I might as well share some behind the scenes. This is my first sketch of the color block hoodie from 2017 before we had a logo for TF,” she tweeted. “And in the other pic is the pink one, this is usually how I work on our color pallets.”

The 21-year-old YouTube sensation quickly responded to Ethan and Hila’s accusations in a quote tweet, saying he messaged Ethan yesterday and sent him the original photo that inspired his latest merch collection. James alleges he was not familiar with Teddy Fresh and that Ethan did not reply to his DM.

Despite James’ attempt to clear the air, Ethan replied that he “gives James permission” to share their convo as he alleges James admitted the similarity wasn’t a coincidence.

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One day later, Ethan has now released his private DMs with James, in which it seems James admitted the hoodies are similar and puts potential blame on his team. James also defends that Ethan and Hila did not invent colour-blocking and that he himself had never encountered Teddy Fresh prior to this.

At the time of publication, public opinion is divided and James has yet to respond to Ethans’ receipts.

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