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Griffin Johnson Accidentally Confirms Relationship Between Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett

Griffin Johnson Accidentally Confirms Relationship Between Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett

Is this the confirmation we’ve been waiting for?!

On the latest installment of Tea Talk— a YouTube series by Josh Richards where he dives into all the latest influencer drama— TikTok star Griffin Johnson seemingly let it slip that Josh and his former girlfriend Nessa Barrett are officially back together.

The slip happened while Josh and Griffin discussed their friends re-following Jaden Hossler following his split from Nessa.

ICYMI, Jaden and Nessa recently broke up after a year of dating. Their relationship caused a major rift in the L.A. TikTok influencer scene when Jaden’s ex Mads Lewis accused him of leaving her for Nessa. Mads and Nessa were best friends at the time. Josh also reportedly felt betrayed, as he had been close friends with Jaden for years.

During the June 2nd episode of Tea Talk, Griffin confirmed that he has re-followed Jaden because “everyone was following [Jaden] back”.

“He was the homeboy back in the day,” Griffin said to Josh in defense of why he’s on good terms with Jaden now. “But also I was like, shading Nessa every chance I got…and it’s like, you guys are together now.”

Upon saying this, Griffin attempted to back peddle, claiming he meant to say when Josh and Nessa were together. Josh responded saying they were digging themselves “such a deep hole right now”. Griffin then looked into the camera and apologised to Nessa for letting it slip.

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Josh and Nessa were first spotted together back in May while walking Josh’s dog, sparking rumours that the exes had possibly reunited. One week later, videos were leaked of the two dancing with each other at a club. Witnesses claim they were also making out.

While Josh didn’t officially confirm he’s back together with Nessa, it’s probably safe to speculate that something romantic is going on between these two exes!

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