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Former Vlog Squad Producer Jake Alda Coffey Speaks Out: “I Was Put In A Lot Of Very Uncomfortable Positions”

Former Vlog Squad Producer Jake Alda Coffey Speaks Out: “I Was Put In A Lot Of Very Uncomfortable Positions”

Another former associate has spoken out against the Vlog Squad.

Video editor and ex-Vlog Squad producer Jake Alda Coffey is the latest creator to share his experience working with David Dobrik, Jason Nash, and the YouTube collective.

“I worked for the Vlog Squad in the summer of 2017 for two months, I was practically with them 24/7,” Jake recounts in a TikTok posted yesterday. “And although I appreciate the opportunity working with them, I was put in a lot of very uncomfortable positions.”

Jake uploaded the TikTok in response to a story Trisha Paytas told on the Frenemies podcast. Without naming Jake personally, Trisha told co-host Ethan Klein, also known as H3H3, that the videographer had emailed her claiming to be a “victim of Jason [Nash’s] unwanted…stuff.”

Jake went on to explain the situation that Trisha referenced.

“One time at a 4th of July party, Jason was filming with this girl who was very intoxicated and at one point Jason wanted me to take off my shirt because he thought it would be funny,” he explains. “And I had really bad body issues back then. I never even took my shirt off when I was alone and I didn’t want my body to be shown on camera.”

“For ten minutes” Jason and the intoxicated girl apparently badgered him to take off his shirt. “I kept saying no and I told them it made me uncomfortable,” he says.

Jake alleges that the girl chased him around the house, “pinned” him down, and tried to rip his shirt off as Jason filmed the experience. He claims he had to spend “three hours” convincing Jason not to put that sequence in the vlog for millions of viewers to see.

“I felt there was nothing I could do in the moment. And I never gave them my consent,” Jake finishes before revealing that Jason allegedly fired him “a few days later.”

Jake’s story comes after a string of similar allegations against the Vlog Squad in recent weeks.

On February 6th, former member Nik “Big Nik” Keswani compared David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad to a cult on the H3 After Dark podcast. He said that David frequently “trashed” him for his height and other insecurities he couldn’t control— all in the name of content. Nik was born with a condition called Dwarfism. He told hosts Ethan and Hila Klein that his time in the Vlog Squad made him “depressed” enough that he questioned his existence.

Seth Francois, another former Vlog Squad member, validated Nik’s claims during an interview of his own for the H3 podcast. Seth revealed that David allegedly forced him to kiss 47-year-old Jason Nash against his will and participate in racist jokes at his own expense as a Black man. Seth alleges the way he was treated by David and his crew was “legitimately traumatising” and pushed him to permanently relocate to Atlanta.

Despite mounting accusations against himself and his friends, David Dobrik has yet to publicly address the controversy and continues to post his regular content as usual.

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