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Eugenia Cooney Apologises For Defending Jeffree Star Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Eugenia Cooney Apologises For Defending Jeffree Star Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Eugenia Cooney has apologised to victims of sexual assault after receiving backlash for defending Jeffree Star earlier this week.

On February 16th, the YouTuber addressed her continued support of Jeffree Star during a live-stream Q&A despite several sexual assault allegations against him.

“How can you support Jeffree Star with all the sexual assault victims who have come forward? He has never apologized,” the fan asked.

Eugenia, who’s been friendly with Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for years, defended the beauty mogul, insinuating that Jeffree’s alleged victims are not being truthful with their accusations. The 26-year-old came under fire from critics who felt she was gaslighting victims and diminishing their trauma.

“In my opinion, I think to call some body something really terrible, like to call someone really terrible thing without like, proof against people and things like that can be really messed up and hurtful to people,” she said in reference to Jeffree’s alleged victims speaking with the media. “Sometimes people can be like, really quick to like judge other people. People can say a lot of things about people that aren’t always like, like true always.”

After days of backlash, Eugenia has now issued an apology on Twitter, claiming her words were “taken the wrong way” and that she was caught off guard by the question.

“I’m really sorry that things I’ve said have been taken the wrong way and towards anyone I offended. When people come in my stream and start trying to ask me questions on specific situations and catch me off guard, I know I may not always do the best job on getting my point across,” she wrote.

The creator went on to say that she doesn’t understand why fans try to get her to “attack” and “place judgement upon others” in her live stream.

Eugenia finished by saying she was “never trying to victim shame anyone in anyway” and apologised to “anyone that misunderstood or was hurt.”

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Despite her efforts, Eugenia’s tweets have been met with more disdain, with many calling it a “non-apology” incluidng one of Jeffree Star’s main accusers Chris Avery Bennet.

“So again it’s ‘I’m sorry you felt that way about my words,”‘ Chris responded. “What about I’m sorry I said… about…. and it was wrong because….. just another NON apology and I do not accept.”

Chris went on the record last year to Insider with her allegations against Jeffree Star. She also provided the publication with screenshots of messages she received from other alleged victims, which seemingly proved Jeffree and his legal team were offering hush money to victims in exchange for retracting their statements.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual misconduct of any sort, please call the Australian National Sexual Assault Support line at 1800 737 732.

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